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Taking to the ASCENSION stage on Saturday, June 8th @ 19:15 will be one of the fast-rising bands on the circuit, ETHYRFIELD. The South Devonshire trio, comprised of brothers Zach Cornish (vocals / bass), Ben Cornish (vocals / guitar) and Dan Aston (drums), formed in 2014 but have been crowned winners of the National under 19s Rock The House competition and were winners of the Introducing Stage at Giants of Rock festival in 2018. That win saw them return triumphantly this past January, and 2018 also saw the band grace the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock too. These two accomplishments the band say rank among their proudest musical achievements to date, and rightfully so.


‘Ignitor’ live at Bloodstock 2018


It is safe to say that ETHYRFIELD has achieved a lot in a short time, despite two-thirds of the band still being below the UK legal drinking age! For a rock/metal band, you could say being unable to play in some venues due to being underage has caused them a few challenges, “due to being underage (it) doesn’t allow us to play in some venues. We really avoided those venues until we’re of age”. But when they do play live, which is quite often to be fair, they enjoy “getting a good response from an audience that enjoys our music” and cites their live influences as “bands like SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS and RUSH”.


As live influences go, those are some mighty bands to be inspired by, and the band describe their sound as a whole as “kind of a blend of all of our favourite bands and influences from the grunge influences to the progressive rock sound.”


As the band grows into better songwriters, better players and themselves literally grow(!), how has the music of ETHYRFIELD evolved since their inception from a songwriting and live perspective? “Our music has matured to be more complex and more interesting to us, and, hopefully, more engaging to audiences as well.”

When ETHYRFIELD hit the stage at The Patriot on June 8th we are going to get “an energetic performance of our own material and an advertisement for our merch” and selling merch is vital for today’s new bands as the cash generated provides the majority of their income which helps them to record and fund themselves which is why ETHYRFIELD hope to “sell loads of merch and make some wonga” as well as putting themselves in front of a new crowd to create new fans.


So get yourselves #downthefront at The Patriot on Saturday, June 8th at 19:15pm for a listening experience you’re sure not to forget in a hurry!.



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