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Continuing with our ASCENSION introductions, let us present to you THE NILE DELTAS, who describe themselves as a very British rock band with an American flavour. The six-piece from the Midlands have been together for a little over two years and have a distinctly bluesy, Southern edge to their sound. Soaking up the influences of the bands who inspire them, namely The Black Crowes, Blackberry Smoke, early ‘Blues‐Rock era’ Whitesnake, Free, Rival Sons, and The Temperance Movement, they say they are a song band first and foremost. Vocalist Craig Blencowe has the spotlight fixed firmly on him and is afforded the freedom to “soar over a band that are committed to providing just the platform to allow him to do this, serving the song yet providing an irresistible, no frills, larger than life rock 'n' roll sound”.  From reading that, it might sound as though the rest of the band are merely serving as backing for Blencowe, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each member of the band is an integral piece of a rather large puzzle, though one of the biggest challenges the band has faced has been fitting on a stage! “We’re not kidding! As a 6‐piece band carrying three backline amps and a Hammond organ coupled with a Leslie speaker, it’s one of our biggest challenges. We’ve cut down on the after‐gig kebabs in an attempt to go on stage leaner and meaner!”


Ever since the band first got together, things have continually evolved as they grow as a songwriting unit. “Songs evolve organically as we try them out live. The great thing about a classic rock audience is that they know their stuff! You just can’t get away with sub‐standard material. Sometimes you’re just too close as a songwriter to gauge how good a song is, so audience feedback is invaluable”, they say. As far as great moments in their musical career so far are concerned, writing and recording the debut ‘Life’ EP was a pretty special experience, of course. “From staying in the famous Coach House rooms at Rockfield and hearing all the stories after the end of each day recording - Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Darkness and their golden toilet seat! Then on to the launch itself, a wonderful night with Gorilla Riot and Jack J Hutchinson joining us in Leicester, yep that was pretty special”, the band reminisce.


It all sounds pretty impressive and after reviewing the band’s ‘Life’ EP just before Christmas last year and featuring the band on several episodes of Down The Front Podcast, we knew we had to ask them to appear at ASCENSION. The band are looking forward to playing at ASCENSION, saying “It’s always a great opportunity to meet genuine rock music fans, as well as catch up with fellow bands, some we know, some we don’t, but the scene is so good at the minute in terms of friendliness and supporting each other as bands. ASCENSION will be our first Welsh gig and we’re really looking forward to hitting The Patriot which has earned its reputation as the Welsh Home of Rock”.

THE NILE DELTAS take to the ASCENSION stage on Saturday 8th June at 18:15 and when these guys hit the stage the ASCENSION crowd can expect a huge vocal presence from Blencowe, plus “a twin guitar approach, some slide work and an old school Hammond organ through a Leslie speaker. The best thing about playing live is playing original material, it’s incredibly humbling to see and hear people singing along to your songs. Knowing that you’ve written something that people have taken to heart and has impacted them in such a positive way is quite the feeling. Also watching Craig develop as a vocalist and frontman has been fantastic, it’s his first real band experience and it’s been a joy to watch him and continue to watch him develop”. 

We’re looking forward to THE NILE DELTAS brand of very British rock with an American flavour, some Southern style and a soulful, bluesy twist. By the time the band come off stage at 18:55, we’ll have been treated to some old school charm brought right up to date!


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