THE FALLEN STATE have just dropped their stunning debut album ‘A Deadset Endeavour’, out on Last Man Music. We recently reviewed the album and also took the opportunity to get together with bass player Greg Butler to delve into the album and find out what else the band has been up to in recent months.

The band has a reputation for touring with some big names like TREMONTI, HALESTORM and BLACK STONE CHERRY, and most recently toured Europe and the UK with POP EVIL. According to Greg, living out of a tour bus was great. “We loved it. It was a completely different experience to travelling around in a van with our backline in the back. It was nice to be able to go to sleep and wake up the next day in a new city. Pop Evil are really awesome guys so it was nice to share the experience with them!”


‘American Made’, the first single to be taken from the album, was released on 8th March. We wondered how that had been received so far. Says Greg, “So far, so good! It was tough to choose a first single from the album but we wanted to give everyone a bit of a taste of what they have heard before from us and what ‘A Deadset Endeavour’ will bring. ‘American Made’ felt like the perfect choice”.


It’s fair to say the album definitely has a fairly dark theme running through it, that of trying to make it in the industry. All the personal and emotional conflicts, battles and power struggles come through in the rawness of each song. We were curious to know whether the album theme was there from the beginning or if it developed throughout the songwriting process. Greg said it was hard to say, “We definitely had things we wanted to talk about and discuss on this album but it’s mainly from Ben who writes the majority of the lyrics and what he’s been feeling inspired to write his lyrics about”. You can certainly hear and feel the emotion, not only in the heartfelt lyrics and Ben Stenning’s incredible vocals, which go from emotive to raucous in the blink of an eye, but also through the way each instrument is played, from Jon Price’s singing lead guitar, Rich Walker’s thundering drums and Greg’s resonating bass, to the melting riffs of six-stringer Dan Oke. 


How do the band generally approach songwriting then, is it a collaborative process? “There’s quite a few ways we approach writing songs. Sometimes the idea will come from one person and we will develop it or sometimes it can be the product of a few or all of us jamming together to work out ideas. Sometimes you have to let someone run with their idea and vision for a song and sometimes it’s a case of all of us throwing ideas into the mix. Whatever works best at the time really but everything has many stages, and many names! ‘American Made draft 1’, ‘American Made final mix 2 with flute solo’, for example”. 

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‘A Deadset Endeavour’ has quite a different sound from some of the band’s previous EP releases, it feels like an altogether more personal and reflective album, with a more mature vibe, like the band have grown into and found ‘their sound’.  Greg thinks the band have developed their sound. “It’s got all the elements of anything we have written in the past but we have used our experiences to write and develop our music in a way we want to at this point in time. I’d like to think we will keep developing as a band and as songwriters and may not necessarily have a ‘sound’ but it’ll always fundamentally be recognisable as The Fallen State”. 


The recent issues with Pledge have had a huge impact on pre-orders for the album and other merchandise, which has unfortunately, affected THE FALLEN STATE, like a lot of other bands. The band have set up their own online pre-order store instead, but Greg had this to say, “I’d be lying if I said Pledge hadn’t affected the release. A lot of people were kind enough to pre-order through them, and in some cases, a lot of money. It was tough having to tell people their money is possibly not going to be refunded and they had to re-order elsewhere. Hopefully it’ll find some sort of conclusion. It definitely came at the wrong time for our release but what can you do?”


Looking ahead to the summer festivals and other dates, the band has just been confirmed for Ramblin’ Man - Rising Stage. Greg is keeping anything else under his hat for now, but says, “So far we have Ramblin’ Man and we literally can’t wait to play there again. As for the rest.... who knows?”. With the album release imminent, fans will no doubt be eager to hear the new material played live for the first time as soon as possible, so keep your eyes on their social media for more announcements! 

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With an album as phenomenal as ‘A Deadset Endeavour’ surely the sky’s the limit for THE FALLEN STATE. It’s an album that just gets better each time you listen to it, and I’ve been listening to it a lot! The band has a Facebook visual live premiere of ‘A Deadset Endeavour’ on Thursday 11th April at 8pm. This will be a virtual listening party to showcase the entire album ahead of release date and will take place on their page:

Keep on giving that attitude, guys! The last word is Greg’s, “Watch this space!”


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19-21 July - Ramblin’ Man Fair, Maidstone, Kent


THE FALLEN STATE band members:-

Ben Stenning - vocals

Greg Butler - bass

Rich Walker - drums

Jon Price - lead guitar

Dan Oke - rhythm guitar