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THE STONED CROWS hail from London and whilst still in their mid-teens recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis and also played on Beale Street, Memphis which for any blues lover, as they so rightly say, is a double dream come true. “Since then we have done a lot, but we hope our biggest achievements are yet to come”.  Heavily influenced by the 1960s and 1970s styles of The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Dr Feelgood and Led Zeppelin, and best described as an exciting mixture of high-octane rhythm and blues and in-your-face rock ’n’ roll, according to the band itself.

THE STONED CROWS has received rave live reviews by various media outlets including Down The Front Media and has been wowing audiences all over the local area and around the UK.

Though heavily influenced by the sounds of years gone by, THE STONED CROWS have worked hard to combine these influences and create something the band itself enjoys playing and the band members would themselves listen to. Finding their own style was a challenge at first, but now the band feel they have developed a unique sound and songs fall into place far more easily than at first. The band love playing live because they find feeding off the energy of the audience a thrill and they say, “playing live captures the energy of our music and rock ’n’ roll is best played loud and fast, to an engaging crowd. As you play more and more gigs you develop a better understanding of how to encapsulate your style both in the studio and on the stage”. 


THE STONED CROWS relish the opportunity to play new venues and this is one of the reasons why they jumped at the chance to get involved with ASCENSION. “We can’t wait to show Newport what we have to offer, we love to play to new audiences and meet rock ’n’ rollers like ourselves; sounds like The Patriot is the place for us!”.

THE STONED CROWS play ASCENSION on Saturday 8th June at 17:15, and the four-piece will be showing The Patriot crowd how it’s done. “The fine Newportonians can expect bluesy riffs and groovy rock ’n’ roll... maybe with a guitar solo or two”. Expect the influences of the band members fairly eclectic taste; the opening of The Doors, a rumbling of The Rolling Stones, a hint of Led Zeppelin and a sprinkling of Dr Feelgood, all pulled together with THE STONED CROWS own style.


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