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3-piece, London Blues Rockers TRIDENT WATERS will make the trip across the Severn Bridge to play ASCENSION, which sees the band play Wales for the very first time, “This will be our first time playing in Wales and we have been preparing a special set for it!”. Sounds exciting, and whilst we’re excited to hear this special set, the band are excited to pop their Welsh cherries for ASCENSION too. “We are all well excited for a whole weekend of Rock n’ Roll with so many cool bands. Surely it will be a remarkable weekend!”

The band describes their sound as “high energy rock music” and the past 12 months have seen somewhat of an evolution taking place “The sound of the band has really evolved this past year. We're the same band but the ideas are really flowing and the songs are getting bigger!”



Some of the bands we’ve spoken to previously have told us that just getting their music in front of people is challenging, and with London being a big market for rock bands, bassist Wilson tells us what the biggest challenge TRIDENT WATERS have faced, “Liking each other. I don’t like them very much… So what I do is always have my earphones on when they are talking, ha!”. “Jokes aside, it’s always challenging for new bands to make ends meet for the whole production process.”. Phew! Hopefully, the band can endure each other long enough to make it to ASCENSION ;)

But it’s not all bad because, as Wilson tells us, one of his proudest musical achievements has been “playing and writing with these guys! Vanity and ego-free, Rock n’ Roll for the sake of Rock n’ Roll. Yeah!”. Aww, bless!


From this interview, I’m getting a sense of honesty that runs through the band and it seems the nail has been hit firmly on the head because when asked what can we expect from seeing TRIDENT WATERS play live, the first word out of Wilsons mouth is? “Honesty. We are not in this market for money, fame or vanity. All we want is to play music. Purely good music”.


Whilst TRIDENT WATERS capture a fantastic sound on record, check out latest single Eva Lane which we played on Down The Front Podcast way back in August 2018 for Episode #85 - - it comes across that they are very much a ‘live’ band, taking influence from the obvious classics, but as THOSE DAMN CROWS & BLACKBIRD SONS inform us ‘Rock N Roll Ain’t Dead’, and it seems the current rock scene has had an impact on Wilson, “I remember having my mind blown when I saw some bands that brought me that marvellous feeling that Rock ain’t dead at all, such as Jack J Hutchinson, Collateral, Hollowstar, Red Hawk Rising…. Amazing bands! “

But aside from putting on an honest performance, for TRIDENT WATERS best thing about playing live is “The whole synergy between the band and the audience. The more positive energy we give them, the more positive energy we receive back from them and this is the beautiful cycle that makes playing live music so magical.”

ASCENSION is going to be a magical experience for bands and punters alike. Every band is worth seeing, but you can catch TRIDENT WATERS for 40 minutes of “high energy rock music” when they come on stage at 15:15 pm on Sunday, June 9th


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