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SLATER should be familiar to some of you, especially those of you that have followed BAD TOUCH, as the main man behind the band is none other than guitar wizard, Harry Slater who had a brief tenure in that band. The 21 year old has stepped out from sideman to frontman with his new solo project, with SLATER offering a "fresh new taste of hard-hitting rock n' roll with punchy classic rock riffs made for 2019"

To get a sense of their sound, Harry describes it best as "if Led Zeppelin played a set on The Beatles' instruments and then had kids with Catfish & The Bottlemen". Led Zep? The Beatles? Lots of classic, old school influences for one so young, "I grew up with a lot of old school classic rock and blues around me, so that heavily influenced the writing in the beginning." So, from a solid foundation of a classic rock upbringing, how has SLATER's writing evolved? Harry continues, "Ironically, as I've aged, the writing has become more youthful and less about the big guitar solos. I'm a huge fan of meaningful lyrics so the songs are really based around that." 

Writing songs with meaning and depth can be something that even the masters struggle with, but an important question that the ASCENSION audience will want answered is how does the music translate live? "We're bigger, heavier and louder when we play live". Oooh, we like that! But being bigger, heavier and louder isn't the only thing we can expect when SLATER take to the ASCENSION stage on Saturday 8th June @ 14:15pm, says Harry "People will see a band who simply love music and playing to people who love music. It's a rock and roll show where anything can happen."

The idea of a rock show where anything can happen is an enticing prospect, so who have been your live influences? "100% Catfish & The Bottlemen. Other bands like The Who, Hendrix (and) The London Souls are all to blame for the way we act on stage!". It certainly sounds like ASCENSION is going to be in for a good show from SLATER, and it sounds like the band may thrive off the audience, "I'd say the best part about playing live is when the audience are so involved, they take the roof off the place. The feeling of walking off stage feeling like you meant something to someone is truly inspiring. You feel like you own the whole world in that half hour on stage."

Without the safety net of a "band" per se and being predominantly a solo project, we wanted to know what challenges Harry has faced in putting SLATER together, he says "The biggest challenge has either been maintaining belief in my music when they going gets tough, or literally finding gigs/decent people to play to!"

No stranger to The Patriot, having played there in February, Harry is looking forward to returning to the Home of Rock, "The turnout was scary yet it topped my list of my favourite gigs this year. Something special happened that night and I know it's going to be there again. Aside from it being the obvious Home of Rock, I am looking forward to hanging out with the boys from Vella". I'm sure that the Vella boys will be looking forward to hanging out with SLATER too.


If you want to hang with SLATER, and, indeed, all of the bands at ASCENSION then you can do so between Friday 7th June - Sunday 9th June with SLATER providing 40 minutes of rock and roll on Saturday June 8th at 14:15pm. Cannot wait!


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