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Manchester natives MOUTH IN THE SOUTH are a classic hard rock band with a massive sound that is influenced by the huge bands of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Take Judas Priest, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe and the like, mix them all together, add a hefty dose of songwriting ability, high octane vocals, big chunky riffs and booming drums and bass and you have MOUTH IN THE SOUTH. With two EPs under their belt, ‘Four Play’ and ‘Aftershock’, the band have been performing a steady stream of live dates, mainly around their local area, and gathering new fans in the process. Although the band has always been a four-piece, within the first two years of being together, half the line-up changed as they lost both their original drummer and bassist. Although this proved to be a massive challenge, something great actually came out of it. “We found awesome replacements in Chidi (Chris ‘Chidi’ Slater - bass) and Otis (Rimmer - drummer), and our current line-up is a lot stronger than ever”, says Piers (Gebbia - vocals). 


With these changes of course, the band has also evolved musically, their sound and style changing as the band’s line-up has changed across what Gebbia and Ashli Thorne (guitars) have “half-jokingly defined our first, second, third and now fourth wave. The intention behind all those waves has always been that of playing the style we like most, which is ’70s and ’80s classic hard rock. However, there's been a few changes which are certainly reflected in the difference between our debut work and our second EP. They came within essentially a year of each other but I feel there's a really, really clear difference between our heavier and perhaps more metally sound in ‘Four Play' and the more straightforward hard rock approach in ‘Aftershock’. Now we have changed a few members and with the current line-up will definitely come additional elements that will enrich our style further”.


The single ‘Waterfalls’, from second EP, ‘Aftershock’ was played for four weeks consecutively on Planet Rock, which of course the band are very proud of and is a huge achievement. “To get played on such a big rock station was almost surreal”. The band are now working on new material and will go into the recording studio on 6th July with a view to releasing some new music at the beginning of October 2019. Although the band really enjoy recording their material, they say playing live is what rock music (and music in general) is all about. “The best thing about it for us is the energy and the direct engagement with the crowd, there's nothing better than having a great gig with a receptive crowd, getting them involved and chatting to them afterwards. Of course, like Lady Gaga said, the applause is nice too”.  


MOUTH IN THE SOUTH’s appearance at ASCENSION will be their first ever gig in Wales and their second ever festival, so they will be bringing their A game. The band say they have heard good things about The Patriot and cannot wait to play there. They are also looking forward to meeting us “lovely folks from Down the Front” (shucks!). “An added bonus is that we won't have to drive home at the end of the night, which means the drivers can actually drink after a set! If we can play a great set, see the other bands and make new friends we can stumble back to our tents happy”. For their live shows, the band take influences far and wide, with each member citing different bands, from Carcass and Napalm Death, Iron Maiden and The Offspring, to Judas Priest and Aerosmith. MOUTH IN THE SOUTH take to the ASCENSION stage at 15:15 pm on Saturday 8th June, so expect to see a cocktail of those influences all topped off with some “fast paced, balls to the wall heavy rock!”


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