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Fronted by the powerhouse rock voice of Sky Hunter, London based STONEWIRE have a variety of influences spanning a variety of genres including rock, blues, southern and even metal. They have been described as ‘heavy blues rock with a dirty Southern twist and the band themselves think that “sums them up quite nicely!”. Originally a four-piece since forming in 2012, when the band began working on their debut album ‘When the Crow Flies’ (which they released in 2014) the band felt that their sound would be more enriched by having a second guitarist. They enlisted Pete Friesen as the second lead guitarist on the recorded album and went about trying to recruit a permanent second lead guitarist. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan, and the road to finding that second six-stringer to join the band on a permanent basis was fraught with bumps at every turn. “From unreliable people to others simply changing their mind once they realised how much time and effort it takes to be in a band. This meant every time we had some momentum going, we had to stop and start over with yet another guitarist having to be worked in. We are now finally settled (or so we thought) and started working on the long awaited second album when our ‘new guy’, who is from South Africa, had his passport and visa to live in the UK stolen while travelling abroad at the end of 2018. He is still not back in the UK, however, we will go ahead and release the album later this year regardless and hope he will be back in the country by then. Whenever we got to the point where we thought this is just too much, we go in the studio and jam and it’s all right there, it’s the making music together that keeps us going”. 


STONEWIRE have certainly had more than their fair share of hurdles to leap over, but their dogged determination in the face of these challenges has surely made them stronger as a band, and also potentially as songwriters. The band tend to write collaboratively as a collective unit rather than one person bringing a song to the table as with many other bands. “One brings a riff or Sky a melody and we work the rest of the structure out together. The last album was written as a four-piece and the new album as a five-piece which means, we have yet another element and different influence in the mix. As for live performances, it’s really just a case of playing lots of shows big and small. It refines your stage craft and when you know each other as well as we do, it gives you more flexibility on stage”. 


Playing live is where STONEWIRE seem to be right at home. Having the crowd rock out to their songs and connecting with the audience makes them truly happy. On stage is where they say some of their proudest moments have been too. “It’s always nice when you get asked to play a bigger festival like was the case with Stone Free at the O2 last year or when the promoter wants you to support a band like The Cadillac Three. But probably the first time we felt like a bonafide touring band was when we supported Michael Schenker in Sweden on his Temple of Rock tour. We played to a full house almost every night and made many new fans”. 

With live influences including The Black CrowesSkunk AnansieAerosmith and Guns n’ Roses and promising “A unique mix of heavy, bluesy, Southern rock performed with a lot of energy and soul”, the ASCENSION crowd had better be ready when STONEWIRE hit the stage at The Patriot on Saturday 8th June at 20:15. The band say “It’s always great when you play a new place and to a new audience. No doubt some will know us already, but many will hear and see us live for the fist time. When you play a festival you always get to meet new bands too, hang out and often make new friends which often leads to future shows together. Festivals are just a great way to hang with cool people front and back of the stage”. We can’t wait to see STONEWIRE in action! 


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