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Continuing with our ASCENSION introductions, allow us to introduce you to DEAD AT 27, a four-piece, heavy alternative rock band from Caerphilly with influences of punk, blues and rock ‘n roll flair. With a sound described as ‘vicious excellent noise’, ‘loud enough to wake the dead’, and with a promise to deliver a set that people will talk about for years to come, you quickly understand why we’ve booked them!

Carving a path onto an already thriving live rock scene is not an easy task, “When we were first starting out, we did not have much material to promote and therefore were not able to easily get opportunities to play in the live music scene. However, we worked hard to produce an entire albums’ worth of material, as well as some music videos, which we promoted all across social media in order to develop our profile. With this in place, we were given more opportunities to play at venues in order to promote the album. This has created a snowball effect as with each gig we increase our fan base, which leads to more opportunities to perform as a band, as well as promoting new material.”


That snowball effect has enabled DEAD AT 27 to seize opportunities to evolve their writing and enhance their live sound “The first incarnation of this band did not have a lead guitarist. Dead at 27 performed its first gig as a trio, which favoured choppier, primitive riffs and beats. As the song writing progressed, it was evident that the band was missing something, a lead guitarist, or as I prefer to say, a Dave (every band needs a Dave!). When Dave Griffiths joined the band, the final piece of the Dead at 27 puzzle was completed and our songs were peppered with the finesse it needed in order to progress towards producing our first album.”

Having nabbed themselves a Dave and created themselves a bit of a buzz, you can imagine that DEAD AT 27 enjoy playing live shows “There no better feeling than playing to a busy crowd, other than playing to a busy crowd who know your songs and sing along with you!” and the chance to emulate their influences “Each of us have our own very unique influences which vary in musical genres, however our mutual influences range from bands such as Biffy Clyro, Queens of the Stone Age, and Foo Fighters. Growing up in South Wales, we all cut our teeth on the live music scene, and therefore we are all influenced by the bands that preceded us on the scene that we are now part of.”


We booked DEAD AT 27 on the strength of singles we played on Down The Front Podcast, but what reasons could the band have for being involved in this inaugural event, “One, we love the venue. The Patriot in Crumlin has been good to us in the past, and we cannot wait to play there again. Two, Down the Front Media have been fantastic in playing our tracks on the podcast, reviewing the album and promoting us in general. We cannot thank DTF media enough! Three, we are thrilled to be sharing the line up with such great acts. It’s going to be one sweet weekend!”

Playing live anywhere is a special moment, because that moment is “that moment” and once it’s gone, that’s it, never to be replicated. The studio is a different beast, and debut album ‘Bring In The Lights’ gave DEAD AT 27 a chance to be timeless, “One very special moment for us was listening to our finished album for the first time in full. In that moment, it felt like we had been immortalised and left a mark on the world to say we were here, and we played our hearts out!” and as for personal achievements? “Each of us have our own personal proud moments, which range from bringing down the house down at a gig, to being played on national radio stations.”

DEAD AT 27 take to the ASCENSION stage on Sunday 9th June at 2:15pm and whilst we’re excited to finally see them live, what can we expect to see? “To put it simply, you can expect a hard and fast pounding... of the ears! We hope to leave you exhausted, but hungry for more. “


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