Showcasing some of the finest emerging Rock and Metal bands the UK has to offer, ASCENSION 2019 is taking place from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June at the Home of Rock, THE PATRIOT, in Crumlin, South Wales, in association with us here at Down The Front Media. With no headliners and affording each band the same stage time of 40 minutes, ASCENSION will be an even playing field. Over the coming weeks we will be publishing introductions to each of 25 bands that are playing, with this being the first.

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PEARLER is one band playing at ASCENSION that could never be accused of taking themselves too seriously. The Swansea four-piece have to date released two EPs, ‘Belter’ (2018) and the imaginatively entitled, ‘Another Belter’ (Feb 2019). When we reviewed the band’s second EP, we knew these guys would be perfect for ASCENSION, they’re in-yer-face rock and the band has “apparently invented the genre of stoner glam, so we’ve been told…we’re happy with that!”. With the tagline “Remember the greatest nights of your life, your greatest ride, the best song you’ve ever heard, the most amazing meal you ever ate, the finest trip you’ve ever been on, the moment you saw the most beautiful creature you have ever seen, the greatest pint you ever drank…then this is the band for you! PEARLER…You know when you’ve had one!”, it was pretty obvious from the off that trying to get straight answers out of this lot would be no mean feat, for example, the band give their biggest musical achievement to date as “When Hulk Hogan called us to say ‘He knew he was having one!’”.  


From reading reviews of their live shows and looking at live photos, it sounds like the band have a blast on stage, so what do they think is the best thing about playing live? “Just fucking smashing it, getting it all out! Having a great time and giving people a great night!”. And if we’ve not seen the band before, what can we expect? “To know when you’ve had one!” When talking about overcoming their biggest challenge as a band, the guys said “So far our biggest challenge has been whether to keep the song title ‘Dwarf on a Bridge’. We love it, but didn’t know if it might offend tall people, because we know they love bridges too!”. 

Using a great metaphor when discussing how their music has changed since the band started, they say “We're Like a Heavy Metal caterpillar, constantly evolving….some of our new stuff sounds like 70s porno music with a thrash twist…it's well moist!” Has their live sound evolved at all? And who do they look up to? “Live, we just give it plenty! Our biggest influence is definitely David Hasselhoff.....his gig on top of the Berlin Wall when it fell was majestic! Worra fucking legend!"

PEARLER hit the ASCENSION stage on Friday 7th June at 20:15 and the guys from the band had this to say of their up coming performance, “It’s gonna be a belter! Great people, great venue, plenty of beer…what can go wrong? We love the place and it’s a great line-up of bands, organised by some awesome folks! Can’t wait!”. 

One thing is for sure, when PEARLER come off stage at 20:55 ASCENSION will know that we’ve had one!


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