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The Midlands are positively throwing up talented rock bands at the moment, CRIMSON STAR being just one that is set to grace the stage at ASCENSION in June. Classing themselves as “Driven Rock and music full of energy and passion”, the three-piece from Birmingham have been together since 2012 but have very recently gained a new drummer, since losing their original drummer almost a year ago. They describe their new stick man as “Dave Grohl’s long lost son!”. That is a pretty huge claim, as many cite the Nirvana drummer and Foos frontman as a major influence. 


The band’s first release was the EP ‘Driven’ (01.02.16), but since then things have stepped up a gear. Latest EP ‘Bay View’ (19.01.18) was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Stone Broken), so the band clearly have their sights set high. The EP has so far produced the singles ‘The Pragmatist’ and ‘Gimme Some’, but CRIMSON STAR aren’t resting on their laurels. A new EP, ‘The Olde Dawg’ is due to be released this summer. ‘The Olde Dawg’ was actually written during the time that the band were down to a two-piece after losing their original drummer and they say it feels like their proudest moment musically as they “still produced 3 badass songs which have definitely progressed from our last EP. Now we have a new drummer, our next bunch of songs are going to be monstrous so BEWARE!”.


Now the band are a three-piece once more,(there were more members when the band originally formed), the guys say they make sure they write as a three-piece “so when the songs are played live nothing will fall flat and it will sound like it does on the cd, except maybe a tad faster! In the past we used to write with a rhythm guitar underneath everything but we’ve come to realise that is not our sound; a big badass bass is our sound!”. 

The band have certainly played their fair share of gigs, and shared the stage with some awesome bands, some who they will meet again at ASCENSION! If you check out some of the clips of live shows on their Facebook page you’ll see that these guys put a lot of energy into their performances, so it’ll come as no surprise to learn their live influences are Red Hot Chill Peppers “due to their energy and nuttiness, and also Pearl Jam due to the fact that they play for over three hours so you get your money’s worth”


CRIMSON STAR cannot wait to bring their badass driven songs played full of energy and love to the ASCENSION stage at The Patriot on Saturday 8th June at 13:15. They say “Down The Front amongst a host of other bands and supports have supported us throughout and purchased our music, and we’ve not been lucky enough to meet them all. WE CANNOT WAIT TO SAY HELLO TO EVERYONE!”. We will all be ready and waiting!

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