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SOLDATO describe their sound as "Modern hard rock with a classic feel" and "a four-piece hard rock band performing original material with dirty rock riffs and rhythmic heavy beats which will leave you wanting more." This Preston-based group got together in 2016 and are carving out their own cubbyhole in the live music scene delivering bluesy riffs a plenty.

Despite losing 2 bass players in their short time together, the band are thriving on the back of debut EP 'Your Animal' and believe they've now find the right fit; "Being onstage with the best people, having an absolute blast and having people out there enjoy themselves as equally as we do".

It's been a successful couple of years but a hard slog in some ways and the band are hungry for more. "When we first started we had a show booked before we had even got together to play in a room. So initially it was a case of getting a few songs together. Over time each member has added to the mix that has now become our own sound and feel. Our live shows have become our mainstay, we absolutely love to be out playing as much as possible. We have also morphed into a sought after acoustic band as well. We've had many great shows and played with some of the best band's around, but our first single and music video "Black Rage" stands as something that we are incredibly proud of."


SOLDATO are set to play the Sunday bill at ASCENSION in Wales on June 9th taking to the stage at 20:15pm. 

Taking place at The Patriot, ASCENSION is a 3-day event that aims to showcase some of the finest Rock & Metal talent that the UK has to offer. "It sounds like it is going to be a brilliant event. There are bands on that we have shared stages with before and we can't wait to get down there and soak up the atmosphere." Asked what they're going to bring to the event they state simply "Loud noises. We like to bring an energy and fun to everyone". 

With influences including Velvet Revolver, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Audioslave, and a passion for the live show, this band are set to light the stage on fire and blow the roof off.


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Soldato are:

John Taylor - Vocals/Guitar

Phil J Bailey - Drums

Craig Benyon - Guitar

Gediminas Jurgaitis - Bass

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