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Southend-on-Sea natives WHITE RAVEN DOWN will be making their way across England and into Wales to rip The Patriot a new one when the ASCENSION festival hits Crumlin in a few weeks time! The band say their sound is “difficult to describe (due to) such a wide range of influences…we have a very strong hard rock feel but with a, hopefully unique, modern twist. We may not fit into a specific genre but we like to think it’s hard not to rock out to it when you hear it!”.

Nobody could accuse this band of taking things slowly. Since releasing their debut single ‘Take Me’ in April 2018, which received airplay coverage on BBC Introducing and Hard Rock Hell’s The Metal Show, the band have worked tirelessly, putting out an EP, ‘Conspiracy’, just two months later that received attention from various podcasts including Down the Front; we featured the band on episode #67. The EP is the band’s self-confessed greatest musical achievement to date. They say, “The EP was self-produced and the time Stu (Bailey, lead guitar) and Tom (Mrazek, drums) put in was incredible so the response we’ve had for it has been overwhelming to say the least”. Bill Taylor (vocals) and Luke Chappell (bass) complete the line-up, and the guys say they have found their perfect rock family. Of course, even with an ideal tribe, there are still obstacles to be faced. WHITE RAVEN DOWN say the biggest challenge for them has to be making a big enough noise for people to stand up and take notice. They say, “We thank people like DTFM for helping spread the word!”. 


The band has evolved musically with whatever influences the individual members have picked up, and as the band has gelled as a unit, through songwriting, spending time with each other and playing together, their live performances have developed and changed. They say, “As we learn how we work together the music changes and takes us to places even we don’t expect. It’s not just when you know you’re being received well, it’s when you see people enjoying it so much they want to sing along to songs they haven’t heard before, or that they’re so blown away they just wanna hang out with the band. We’ve made some amazing friends through our love of gigs and hopefully there’re more to come.” Live gigs are perhaps where this band come alive, and the guys have been looking forward to ASCENSION since day one. They say, “It’s not just because we were so touched to be asked so early in its development; it was our first offer of any kind of festival. And now, having recently played at The Patriot and seen what a brilliant venue it is and the crowd that frequents it, we just can’t wait to go back and raise hell again. Nobody likes a band full of wallflowers and that’s not what you’ll find at one of our gigs”. WHITE RAVEN DOWN will be giving it all they’ve got in every song they play at ASCENSION on Sunday 9th June at 21:15. They say “We love what we do and hope that transfers to the crowd. We play hard with everything we have and just hope that some people leave with the same feeling we do”. Their forty minute set of genre-defying music is sure to please!

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