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FEAR WITHOUT REASON are an alternative rock band out of Wolverhampton who are more hard edged than soft, and lean more towards the traditionally American sounding, but with straight up British twists too. We played the band’s recently released single ‘Four Walls’ on episode #104 of Down The Front Podcast and also interviewed the band a few months prior to that. With 50% of all revenue from the single going to the charity SANE, the band had this to say, “Mental health affects everything that we do - as you can expect from a band with a name like FEAR WITHOUT REASON - anxiety and depression influence band members and in particular Zaz, our vocalist - we think that comes across in our music too”. 


The band spent five years on hiatus from 2010 after a couple of members moved away, but in 2017 Phil Wilkinson (bass) and Rich Yates (guitar) joined existing members Zaz, Ste Roberts (guitar) and Andy Goodwin (drums) and the band say, “We’ve been pushing forward ever since. It was a struggle for a while but it’s great to be at full strength again and the guys have settled in straight away”. Dealing with challenges within the band has resulted in a more mature approach, and experience too, which comes across in their songwriting. Lyrically, Zaz likes to tell a story and talks about harder hitting subjects such as loss and loneliness as well as anxiety and depression. The band say, “A lot of our newer stuff is based on true stories either personal to the band or seen in the news, for example, and in a way that people really seem to connect with.”


With the line-up shuffle, it seems things have changed for the better from a live perspective too. “We work really hard in the rehearsal room and we think we are the strongest we’ve ever been. We want to do our best to put on good shows for our fans and to make new fans and friends - we wouldn’t have it any other way. The buzz we get from playing live and performing our songs to like-minded music lovers who like what we do and sing along is the best thing about playing live. We feel so honoured that people turn up to watch us play our songs, and on our local scene they are so supportive; we hope that we can keep doing it at more places and to more people”. 


At a time when so many small music venues are closing down, it’s great to hear that the local scene is supportive of this band. When asked about their proudest musical achievement, FEAR WITHOUT REASON found it a really tough decision so have chosen two stand out gigs at two awesome local venues. The first at their 2017 comeback gig at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton. “At one point I think we thought we were never going to step foot on the stage again but stepping out on that stage after years and years away, to people in the audience who were so happy to see us back, it was really emotional”. The second was when the guys headlined The Station in Cannock in September 2018, “So many people came to see us and sang along all the way through, the set ended with everyone singing ‘Save Me’ (from ‘Monica’) and it was really special. We are so grateful for moments like that and hope we can have many more moments like that too”.


Of course, host to ASCENSION, The Patriot is a small venue that rock and metal bands love to come and play at. Why are the band excited about taking part in this festival in particular? “We’re so stoked to have been asked to play it, this is the first gig for us out of our local area and all the way in Wales - so to be given the opportunity to travel over and make lots of new friends is fantastic. Down The Front Media have been so supportive to us over the last year or so and we’re really grateful for that. We’re really looking forward to performing, meeting and chatting with you all”.


The band take their live influences from greats such as Iron Maiden, Alter Bridge, Linkin Park and Rage Against the Machine, the band’s own live performance is an amalgamation of several influences plus their own creative juices. They say “We know we have to put the work in and do our very best so the people who pay their hard earned money to see us have a great time!” Having a great time is what ASCENSION is all about, so when Sunday 8th June at 16:15 rolls around and FEAR WITHOUT REASON roll onto the stage, what can we expect? “We’re going to do our best on stage, as we do every time. We’re going to enjoy every minute - because if we can’t, we know you won’t either, so we hope you will join us for our set and maybe even sing along with us - we love to go LOUD. We hope you love to as well!”. Loud is good, turn that dial all the way to ELEVEN!

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