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THE BIG DIRTY are Northampton four-piece James Shaw (vocals), Chris Datson (guitar), James Cutler (bass/vocals) and, new addition, Tobi Ripley (drums). In the six years since the band first formed, they have worked hard on honing their live show by playing gigs across the country. Their hard-hitting sound is ripe with punchy drums, tasty riffs and melodic vocals, giving the listener a rich and riveting experience. 


Currently the band members all work full time and juggle family life, home life and the band with everything else, it’s a fine balance in getting the two aspects of their lives to work harmoniously, they say. “We love being in the band, and it’s our dream one day to make it our full time profession, so we work hard at it and have to make lots of sacrifices elsewhere in our lives. But we’re 100% determined to make it work and we’ll never stop chasing our goals”.

Over those six years they feel they have matured and become better and more well-rounded musicians, resulting in them writing stronger music that has a clearer and more coherent structure. They say “We still aim to keep the music fun and a little bit cheeky, but we make sure that what we write is musically interesting and catchy. The current line-up of the band get on together really well and we’re writing some corkers at the moment, which we hope to release later in the year”. 


As the guys mentioned, they do have a cheeky side, possibly due to being influenced by the likes of Steel PantherMötley Crüe and Twisted Sister. They also rate securing a support slot for iconic ’80s rockers Heavy Pettin’ as their proudest musical achievement to date. With all the hair metal influences, cheekiness and fun, it might seem as though these guys don’t take their music seriously, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. “We take our craft very seriously but when we play live it’s a chance to have some good old fashioned fun. We love to have banter with the crowd and feed off their energy, and we always have a few surprises in store to keep the audience on their toes. It’s also great fun to connect and network with other bands and we’ve built up some great friendships with people along the way”.

With twenty-four other bands playing at ASCENSION, they will definitely be plenty of opportunity for networking, in addition to a whole weekend of fun and good times. THE BIG DIRTY are “four mates, giving it 110%” and are so pumped to play this festival because they have “heard the crowd will be super supportive and up for a laugh! We can’t wait to sink a few beers, play some beefy riffs and rock your socks off!”. The cheeky boys will burst onto the stage at 22:15 on Sunday, 8th June for forty minutes of rock and fun.

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