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Nottingham power trio WITCH TRIPPER cite American hard rockers CLUTCH as their biggest live influence, and those are some big boots to fill. Just take a look at WITCH TRIPPER’s punishing tour schedule for this year alone and you’ll see that they are going a long way to emulating the mighty metallers. They have a mammoth undertaking, with gigs covering most of the UK plus festivals galore. Their history isn’t so shabby either! The band formed in 2014 and the following year they headlined the Jägermeister stage at Bloodstock. The following year, they released their eponymous debut album, also opening Bloodstock on the Hobgoblin stage after winning Metal to the Masses at Nottingham. In 2017 the band appeared at HRH Doom V Stoner, Amplified festival and numerous other gigs around the country. Last year, the band’s second album, ‘I, Of The Storm’ was released, they appeared at HRH Road Trip Ibiza, Amplified festival, plus a shedload of other gigs and festivals. 


The band had a bit of a set back late last year with uncertainty in the line-up, but new drummer Gary-Eric Evans joined at the beginning of the year and slotted in really well with existing members Richie Barlow (vocals/guitar) and Chris ‘Stoff’ Daughton (bass/vocals). Now the three-piece are as tight as ever and continue on the WITCH TRIPPER musical journey, taking their ideas for songs and turning them into reality by practising and performing. This band has to be one of the hardest working bands around; their punishing tour schedule is testament to the determination these guys have to get their music out to as many people as possible. They say, “To begin with we had ideas and a vision, these evolve after constantly playing them live. Seeing other bands and what’s around you gives you a perspective of where you are and what you need to be doing. It’s a continuous evolution for us, first and foremost we are a live band and new ideas are constantly road tested and ripped to shreds until we all feel it”. 


We first played the guys on episode #50, then put the brilliant ‘White Lines’ out on episode #70, followed by the awesome ‘Hellbound’ on #114. We knew this band would be the perfect fit for ASCENSION, and the guys were just as keen to get involved. They say, “It’s the first event you guys have done on this scale, it’s our first time at this venue and with an insane line-up. It’s looking to be the start of something great”. What is without question is that that WITCH TRIPPER will put everything into their playing on the night and engage with the crowd at the Home of Rock. They head into each gig they play with the same attitude - to have a great time, play hard and get that “great feeling, the release, it’s what we do, we live for it. We don’t know any different”. WITCH TRIPPER head on to the ASCENSION stage on Saturday 8th June at 23:15 for their debut at The Patriot. Expect fast paced, groovy, stoner, rock and roll. That sounds like a super shredding Saturday night. All hail the riff!

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