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Making their Welsh debut at ASCENSION are indie-rockers GUN RUNNERS! The Bedfordshire based four-piece got together in late 2017 and put out their debut EP, ‘Brothers’ last year. This four track EP has had tracks played on Planet Rock, Kerrang! radio and BBC Radio Wales, by DJ Janice Long, which the band say is one of their top achievements, along with playing on the roof of Global Towers for Global’s Make Some Noise, which helps disadvantaged children, young people and their families across the UK. It would seem that helping charities is something this band are keen to do, as they recently they took part in Musicians Against Homelessness at their local Bedford Esquires. 


Describing their sound as “Kings of Leon meets Foo Fighters with a hint of Paolo Nutini in the vocals”, the band decided to take a unique approach to forging their own sound at the start of their career by recording themselves and making notes. This feedback helped them to create their own sound and to make their music stand out from the crowd. At Down the Front, we were impressed by the ‘Brothers’ EP, and played the track ‘Save our Souls’ on episode #92 of our podcast, loving Shaun’s soulful vocals and the brilliant interlay between the vocals and the lead guitar. We also played ‘Bleed’ on episode #104, where we described the upbeat riff and catchy chorus of this awesome track. 


The band say their writing has come a long way since they first formed. “Just by playing together as a band and learning how we all play together as a group. We've learnt sometimes more is less and also to get out of our comfort zone to make the music and the live performance more interesting”. Playing live is certainly something these four lads have a passion for, as they have a fair few gigs under their belt, and say the best thing about playing live is just the feeling of being on stage playing music with their mates and making people happy. They say, “There’s nothing else like it”. 


GUN RUNNERS hit the ASCENSION stage at 21:15 on Friday 7th June for their Welsh debut, hoping to recruit some Welsh fans to their ranks. The Patriot crowd can expect to see a group of lads playing their brand of energetic indie-rock whilst having a laugh with their band mates and the crowd at the same time. “We cannot wait to play this festival and party with everyone!”.

 It certainly sounds like GUN RUNNERS will be bringing the party with them. The Patriot audience better be ready!



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