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A very late addition to the ASCENSION line-up after the unfortunate withdrawal of CHAOSAROMA, but a very welcome addition nonetheless. This South Devonshire 4-piece will fit in perfectly at ASCENSION with a sound they describe as “Modern, grungy energy with songs that are heavy, groovy but also soft at times.” and with two EP’s under their belt, ‘Take Control’ and their latest, self-titled offering ‘Kaluss’, the band cite having recorded those as being their proudest musical achievement to date and “being able to get feedback on our tracks and just knowing our music is out there for people to listen to”

KALUSS were formed in 2017 by lead vocalist (and at the time, also drummer) Tristan Everett and guitarist, Shamus Lee Tierney along with original bassist Alex Graham. Recording their debut EP ‘Take Control’ as a 3-piece, the decision was made for Tristan to focus solely on vocals which led to Chris Greenwood joining the band on drums. This initial inception brought along with it a bit of a personal challenge to overcome for KALUSS, the dreaded line-up change. “Last year we had to lose Alex our bassist who recorded the first EP with us. Sad ‘cos he is a really great dude but we’re still good mates thankfully. Our new bassist Ryan has managed to fill his shoes and the band is as tight as ever”.

So with a relatively short period together, a shift from 3 to 4 members and a bass player change, KALUSS’ dynamics from a writing and playing perspective must have evolved somewhat? The band explains, “Our earlier songs, whilst very catchy, feel much simpler than our new material. That’s not to diss them because they still stand up with particular crowd favourites like the emotional ‘Escape’ being one. I guess we’ve just grown as a song writing unit. Since writing all our early material, we’ve all finished our music courses at Exeter and are just more accomplished with the writing side of things. We’ve started messing around with vocal harmonies and different music scales, and written some way more impressive songs, we think”


Being a young band, there is a fearlessness about KALUSS and they are a band that certainly loves playing to a crowd, “There’s just no better way to get high! We’re all around 18 or 19, on stage, playing our own music to people who want to hear it, and a few that don’t! We hope that the intensity in our grooves and the energy we expend putting our music across are as infectious to our audience as they are to us. We just want to infect people!?!?”

Infect people they shall. KALUSS will take to the stage at The Patriot for ASCENSION on Sunday 9th June at 18:15 pm and with live influences such as “Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Tool and Chevelle” to name a few, what can we expect to see from them on that day? “Energy, musicianship, intelligent lyrics, awesome hard rocking grooves, great solos and loads of hair. This is a major event for us. You never stop learning your craft and it’s always brilliant to learn from great bands. Our mates ETHYRFIELD are playing on the Saturday and we’re all really pumped and excited to bring our sound to Wales.

Wales are excited to hear your sound, boys! “In the midst of chaos, there is opportunity” and with CHAOSAROMA’s withdrawal comes a great opportunity for KALUSS