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STATIC FIRES don’t have too far to travel when they attend ASCENSION. The Hard / Alt Rock band are essentially from “down the road”, being from Swansea. With the release of their debut record ‘Thirteen’ last year and an appearance on our very own Down The Front Podcast, it made sense in our minds to invite STATIC FIRES along for the ride. But, despite being “local”, the band have not performed in Crumlin previously so there is a bit of excitement for them “We’re very much looking forward to playing a new town, venue and especially the festival. It’ll be great to see some new acts and hopefully, make some new fans.”

Describing the majority of their sound as “punchy, hard/alt-rock” the band’s influences are fairly eclectic which means that “we also have a few songs that are slower and more ballad-y, some are a little funky and some a bit indie.” So, something for everyone then? “If you listen through our catalogue, you’ll surely find something you’ll like”.

STATIC FIRES take inspiration from “bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, or bands that have good energy and presence of stage”. Using those inspirations, they’ve come a long way since when they first started playing, “we’ve developed good mic banter between songs, more audience interaction and of course, more head-banging!”


Let’s take you back to 2014 when the current incarnation of STATIC FIRES took shape. The current line up being Sam Randles on vocals and guitar, Jack Piper on drums, Tom Gibbins on bass and Jack Clements on lead guitar and backing vocals. 5 years with a settled line up is no mean feat, but it wasn’t without its issues. The band explains, “In the beginning we had a bit of trouble solidifying the line up; Sam, Jack P and a 5th member, our friend Alex, played musical chairs with their instruments for a little while. One day, Alex wasn’t able to come to practice and as luck would have it that was the first practice in which we really gelled as a band. The following conversation with Alex was awkward, but he was understanding”.

Borne out of that awkward conversation, STATIC FIRES went on to record a couple of original songs which led them to where we are today, “In December 2014 we recorded our first two original songs – ‘Spread Your Wings or Learn to Fall’ and ‘Dinner With a Psychopath’. Hearing them back for the first time is probably our proudest moment, because that was when we properly realised our potential. It made us much more excited and determined as a band.”

Tall oaks from little acorns grow, as they say, so how has the music of STATIC FIRES evolved since those original sessions back in 2014? “Our music has become more complex and layered, which has been something we’ve worked towards a lot on our album ‘Thirteen’, compared to our self-titled EP. We have made far more of an effort in ensuring our lyrics remain engaging and meaningful”.


That process of honing and fine tuning their craft, the band say, has lent itself to developing a sound geared up for a live performance, “We’ve also incorporated more elements that lend themselves to playing live; such as riffs and rhythms you can better groove to, claps and clicks you can join in with, and more memorable lyrics you can sing along with, first listen. It’s also really satisfying to finally debut a new song after working on writing it for a while.”

So with songs geared towards the live show, what can we expect at ASCENSION when you hit the stage at 17:15pm on Sunday 9th June? “Expect an energetic set of songs, to be grooving and clapping along, and to see Jack C’s long, red locks flying around. The best thing about playing live is seeing peoples’ reactions to our material, particularly if they’re hearing us for the first time.”

That sounds pretty good to us here at Down The Front Media.

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