RYDERS CREED celebrate 1st anniversary of their debut album with Bake-Off challenge at PREMIER PASTRIES



On Lynx trading Estate in Yeovil, there’s an innocuous looking shop that you might miss if you weren’t looking out for it, unless of course you have no sense of smell. PREMIER PASTRIES first opened its doors 30 years ago, but was originally above a butcher in the town. The shop moved to its new home 6 years ago and Gary and Helen Cox have been making all manner of savoury and sweet temptations there ever since. The couple are also massive rock fans and regular gig goers. After hanging out with THE CADILLAC THREE after their set at Rockstock 2014 and chatting to guitarist Kelby about pies, Gary promised to bring the band some when they were next in the UK the following February. Soon enough, the tour rolled round, and Gary & Helen turned up with ‘peace, love & dixie’ apple pies (a Cadillac Three song) and steak & Jack Daniels pies. Since that moment, when the couple go to see their favourite bands, they take decorated pies to show their appreciation for the awesome music. The wall inside the shop entrance is adorned with photos of the couple with the bands and their brilliant pies. Gary and Helen’s pies and sweet treats are renowned in the rock community; their caravan at Rockstock is always packed full of people ready to sample their wares. 


It’s a year to the day since RYDERS CREED released their debut album and the guys could think of no better way to celebrate than to come down to Premier Pastries to make some pies. Josie O’Toole from TEQUILA MOCKINGBYRD designed a poster to advertise the event and all was set for the band to hot foot it down from the Midlands to get their bake on. Drummer Lee Gilbert was especially excited about today as he is a keen cook. 


In a video shared on the band’s and the shop’s Facebook page, guitarist Lee Spencer describes the process of making just one of the baked goods the band got to try their hand at today, “I got my guitar in my hand, got the pastry, apples and cloven hoof all in a lump, turned it up to 11, and hit a chord! And this is the end result…sweet!”, he says, indicating a rather tasty looking apple pie. “And that, is how you bake with Pie-dyers Creed!”, quips vocalist Ryan Antony, the whole band sporting ’PIE-DYERS CREED’ t-shirts that Gary and Helen have had made especially for them. The band have also made some pasties which they each decorated themselves, and have decorated cakes for a Bake off style challenge, to be held after the 3rd annual pie eating competition has taken place. 


Now is time for the pie eating competition, and although none of the band are taking part (they have been eating all morning while they have been baking!), they are watching and cheering everybody on. Darron Edwards wins the competition in an amazing 1 minute 12 seconds, smashing his competitors! Then the cakes are brought out and the judges take their time on each one, judging them on look (outside), appearance (inside) and taste. After much deliberation, Lee S’s is deemed the best - it was the Cloven Hoof rum in the cream that did it! He holds aloft his prize of a rather large container of cider, looking very proud of himself! The cakes are then all pretty much demolished as they really are yummy!


It’s a lovely sunny day in Yeovil, a guitar is produced and the band sit and chill out whilst serenading us with some pie-related tunes, ‘Begging For Pies’ anyone? The band  say that they’ll be treating the crowd at Ramblin’ Man Fair to some alternate PIE-DERS CREED material , too! What a great way to celebrate your album turning a year old.


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