THE NIMMO BROTHERS - Oran Mor, Glasgow 02.11.18


Oran Mor is a converted church in the West End of Glasgow, It has 2 music venues, 1 upstairs, surrounded by bright Stained Glass Windows and tonight's room downstairs in a windowless dark room with a capacity of 500 which tonight seems far more as it is completely packed to the gunnels.

The brothers Nimmo have been a mainstay of the Glasgow Blues Scene for many a year. In their own capacity Stevie as part of his own Trio and Alan the kilted Singer/Guitarist of the now enormous King King. Long before these 2 bands, the brothers toured together and tonight for the first time in 3 years they are together once again as merely brothers doing what they do best.

Both take to the stage with guitars slung around their necks and it’s good to see Stevie back like this after his fairly recent broken arm which seems to have taken an age to heal. Backing them up are ex Trio man Mat Beable on bass and current Trio drummer Craig ‘crispy’ Bacon.

First up is ‘Bad Luck’ and the cheer from the crowd is deafening. ‘The Shape I’m In ‘ and ‘ Long Way From Everything’ come and go with every word being sung straight back at the brothers. You can tell it’s been a while since they played in Glasgow as the atmosphere is absolutely electric, I can’t remember seeing so many smiling faces in a gig for a long time. ‘Gotta Slow Down’, ‘ Still Here Strumming’, ’If I Could See Through Your Eyes ‘ all get an airing tonight, not a bum note was sung, not a duff note played the whole night, simply stunning to watch. Each brother taking a turn to sing or play lead.

‘Living Again’ & ‘Waiting for my Heart to Fall’ close the main set and the round of applause continues for many minutes. What follows as an encore gets the loudest cheer of the night, A simply amazing cover of Whitesnake ’s, ‘Ain’t no Love in the Heart of the City’ with a mass singalong helping out the 2 now knackered brothers who leave the stage beaming ear to ear. This was one of these nights you can go home and say to yourself “ I was there”. If you haven’t got tickets for their tour get them as soon as you can, a night you will never forget.


The Nimmo Brothers are

Stevie Nimmo- Vocals/ Guitars
Alan Nimmo – Vocals/Guitars
Mat Beable – Bass
Craig Bacon – Drums

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