EVERYDAY HEROES / GIN ANNIE - The Patriot, Crumlin 19.05.18


On this warm sunny evening in the South Wales valleys the crowd gathered outside the Patriot enjoying the weather and hospitality of this great little venue. Angela has big plans to build on recent successes, and always has a warm welcome for us as well as the bands who grace her stage.

First up tonight is GIN ANNIE, a 5 piece hard melodic band from Wolverhampton, taking to the stage with attune and stage presence that suits their Wornstar clothing. I’ve heard a lot about this band and, within the first few tracks, they are living up to expectations with an amazing sound. Straight away their confident and well polished performance had the crowd hooked with David Foster (Vocals) and Byron Garrett (Lead Guitar) using several opportunities to jump off the stage and mingle in the crowd at various points in the set.

Their guitar driven music was well showcased and included the usual audience participation with ‘Fallin’’, as Byron conducts the crowd encouraging them to join in with the chorus, which they did with typical South Wales gusto. ‘Dead and Gone’ is a track with multiple tempo changes and must be a challenge to play but performed brilliantly, much to the delight of the watching crowd, who cheer and applause enthusiastically. As the set draws to a close, Foster takes the opportunity to thank us for coming out as well as praising the sound, lighting and venue in general.

Gin Annie are a band that are well worth checking out if you haven’t done so already, with their riffy and well constructed rock which they deliver with enjoyment and friendly banter of a tight group. They connect well on stage, and have a lot of talent which will take them far.

Although most of their set is original music, they include a great cover of AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’, and finish the set with ‘Born to be Wild’. Both are performed flawlessly with their own twist on them and the crowd join in, helping them out with the familiar lyrics.

As a parting gesture, Foster picks up a drumstick, to help out on the cymbals whilst Garrett goes on another walkabout, wowing the crowd as he gets up close and personal. The band leave with a thunderous applause ringing in their ears. It was a great set, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Chatting to a couple of band members afterwards, it was clear that they have big ambitions, and really enjoy what they are doing.

Gin Annie, great band, check them out.

Set List:

New Bad Habit

All I Want


Dead and Gone

Damage is Done

Next to Me

Haunt Me

Highway to Hell (AC/DC Cover)


Born to Rock n Roll

Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf Cover)


Gin Annie are:

David Foster - Vocals

Byron Garbett - Guitar

Brian Green - Guitar

Phil ‘Hammer’ Burrows - Bass

Jack Ryland-Smith - Drums






After a brief kit change, EVERYDAY HEROES, one of the areas favourite young bands, took up their positions on the small stage. They are a big favourite here, with their roots in blues, and a melodic rock twist. Playing to a home crowd, they looked incredibly relaxed and comfortable, the near capacity crowd were already engaged - keen to hear what the band were going to play, as rumours of some new music had been circulating.

Announcing that they’re going into the studio at the end of June, Luke introduced a new track ‘Rise’ which seems heavier but still retains the blues foundations of their sound.

Mixing their set up a bit, they play a variety of covers combined with originals and get the capacity Patriot party started with a cover of ZZ Top’s ‘Tush’, followed by one of their own tracks, then a song they play quite often - ‘Mississippi Queen’ - which suited Luke’s powerful vocals perfectly. Luke’s voice has a rasping quality to it - reminding me of Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry).

Most of their music has a fast tempo, but as they start ‘The River’ Luke explains it is as close to a ballad as they have got to writing. It starts off sedately but builds, with the Patriot crowd singing back to them as Daniel Richards makes exuberant use of the stage. They add a bit of funk to the set with ‘Take Me Home’ and one or two members of the audience somehow find room to dance as they play, clearly enjoying the music and general ambience.

The band told us they were showcasing some new music, and the next song ‘All Outta Faith’ has its live debut, we’re excited to hear more new material. It is a traditionally constructed blues track full of emotion and skilled musicianship. Everyone is impressed with the direction the band is going in readiness for a new album, and are keen to show how much they are enjoying it.

Unusually, the band split their set into two - giving us all a chance to recharge our glasses during a break and as they opened their second half with ‘Witch’s King’ it was clear that the crowd had not lost any of its enthusiasm during the break. The show was about new music and they introduced ‘Find My Way’ - a new track which reverts to the bands blues roots. An infectious song with a quiet mid section that any of the blues greats would be proud of.

The crowd were warmed up now and in fine singing voice and joining in with ‘Little Bit of You’, which is another track they regularly include in their set. With the crowd in fine voice as they join in with their familiar favourites, the band strike up with a cover of The Rolling Stones ‘Give Me Shelter’ which got the crowd dancing again. They follow that with more original music, and ‘Honey’, the first track that the band released.

The new album, although not yet recorded, is more than a collection of new music. They have decided on tracks and their order on the album and they strike up with ‘Texas Red’ which will be the opening track. It is a track which will grab attention and make you want to listen to the rest of the album.

In between songs, Luke chats to the audience in a relaxed way. He also praises the Patriot, saying he’s happy to return to The Patriot, their first time in over a year, and is delighted with the improvements that have been made.

Laughing and saying that they had only practiced the next track that morning, their cover of Black Stone Cherry’s ‘Me and Mary Jane’, confirming my view that his voice is reminiscent of Robertsons, with the rich, gravelly tones that seem to come from the bottom of his boots.

Luke thanks the crowd for packing out the Patriot and says it’s the last track to their disappointment  as they begin ‘The Ballad of Robert Johnson’ The crowd join in, giving everything they had left, the band feeding off the energy in the room all night and took it up a notch as they came to the climactic finale.

With the curfew still a few minutes away, they’re ready able to launch into an encore, starting with a EDH fan favourite of ‘Delilah’, and the crowd were still in full voice and singing back the track they know almost as well as the band.

Once again the band thanked everyone, Gin Annie for their support, the crowd and all working at the venue for a fantastic night and for their continued support. They dedicated the final track of the night to all of us. ‘Proud Mary’, a song they often finish their set with, whipped the crowd up again, some going a little wild in their dancing and at the close, both the crowd and band were completed shattered.

That was one hell of a night of live music. Both bands played their hearts out. The hospitality at the venue is second to none and the sound is excellent for such a small room.


Set List:


Beauty Queen


Tush (ZZ Top Cover)

Little Rain

Mississippi Queen (Mountain Cover)

The River

Take Me Home

All Outta Faith


Witch’s King

Find My Way

Little Bit Of You

Give Me Shelter (The Rolling Stones Cover)

Better Off


Texas Red

Me and Mary Jane (Black Stone Cherry Cover)

The Ballad of Robert Johnson

Encore tracks:


Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover)


Everyday Heroes are:

Luke Phillip - Vocals/Guitar

Jay Haines - Drums

Daniel Richards - Guitars

Lewis Watkins - Bass