HRH SLEAZE II Day 2 - O2 Academy, Sheffield 02.09.18



Day 2 highlights:


Stage 1 

NEON ANIMAL open Day 2 on the main stage clad mainly in leopard print - always a win! - and strutting across the stage with swagger and attitude delivering a set of punk-tinged sleaze with finesse and probably a fair amount of glitter. You can't miss these guys and you can certainly hear them. The performance is very sexual with thrusting hips and pouting lips, a la Mick Jagger, as they sashay their way through tracks from their debut album 'Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead' and new single 'Vive Le Rock'. This is a dramatic set which draws the audience in and generates a great atmosphere.


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THE EROTICS are not newcomers to the scene and have been around for over 10 years with their particular brand of sleazy debauchery. The stand out track for me is 'Three Sheets To The Wind' - possibly as most people here already are - dripping with sleaze and a hint of punk. They also throw down 'Stop Drop Roll', 'Dismember' and 'All American Catholic Boy' in a set which retains the interest of the audience with tons of attitude and chugging guitars.


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FALLING RED are one of my best finds in recent times, having had the chance to review their 'Lost Souls' album I fell in love with their sound (and Mikey's hair). The room is full and everyone I can see is on their feet as the first track kicks in, 'The Day I Lost My Soul'. This is the day I lost my shit, I know that much… The audience can tell great music and promising bands when they see it, and we are seeing this right now. It's my first time seeing the band perform live and I'm at the barrier baby, singing loud and trying my best at dancing. The band are charismatic, especially the cheeky guitarist who flirts outrageously with the crowd (man woman and beast) and have an easy banter. The music? Well… wow. They blew the fucking roof off the O2, tore us all a new one, whatever your choice of analogy, they rocked the stage and the crowd and I've a feeling they sold a fair bit of merch.

As always, my favourite track is 'Hell In My Eyes' and I'm delighted to see this live; the bass-heavy, drum pounding, dirty riffs and melodic vocals up close. IMO this band are arena-ready, "modern hard rock with grit and mettle" as I previously described them. 'My Town My City' is also a crowd pleaser and we are all joining in as best we can. I don't have the words to fully describe how awesome these guys were on the day but I did catch them all afterwards and try to articulate this to them personally. You must check these guys out! Think Cumbrian Sixx:A.M... Excellent set which impressed just about everyone present.


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I've been wanting to see SHIRAZ LANE for months! The Finnish hard rock group formed in 2011 originally but the current lineup was solidified in 2015 and their career began to bloom. Their debut EP was released in 2015 and was widely praised by fans and media alike. Later that year a tour slot with Santa Cruz brought them to the attention of Frontiers and the rest, as they say, is history. Their debut album 'For Crying Out Loud' was released worldwide in 2016, and their 2nd album 'Carnival Days' earlier this year. Obviously, citing Aerosmith and GnR as huge influences, I was bound to love this band, and having heard both albums I do.

This is stadium quality rock at the O2. A tight, professional performance with incredibly melodic vocals which captivates me throughout their 10-track set. They are showmen and Hannes is one hell of a frontman as he belts out track after track, including 'Carnival Days', 'Mental Slavery' and 'People Like Us'. They look very young but are polished performers with a seasoned air about them, as they wow the audience with their high energy show, running round the stage like it's a track on sports day. I cannot wait to see this band again. One of my highlights of the weekend.


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TOXICROSE are a Swedish glam rock band heavy on the black body paint and spiked clothing, a delicious mix of sleaze and melodic metal. Their hook-laden set featured songs from their 'Total Tranquility' album, including 'Reckless Society' and 'We Own The Night', and new single 'The Fallen Ones'. The bass is gargantuan and the show mesmerising. They perform an encore of 'A Song For The Weak' and the climactic and insanely addictive 'World of Confusion'. A few didn’t know what to make of them, mainly I think because of the spiked codpiece, but most loved the whole set.


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TIGERTAILZ could have been headliners on one of the days for me. A glam metal band from Cardiff, they are most famous for their 1990 album, 'Bezerk' which made the Top 40 in the UK Albums Chart. In 2005, the band reformed and began work on 'Bezerk 2.0' which was released in 2006. In 2010 Tigertailz headlined the first night of Hard Rock Hell and released 'Bezerk Live - Burnin' Fuel'. Their latest album, 'Blast' was released in 2016.

If you love the feathers, glitter and hairspray of traditional glam rock and metal, you'll love Tigertailz, who epitomise the image and attitude. 'Blast' is their first full release in 10 years, and the first to have Rob Wylde on vocal duties, and features in the setlist with 'All The Girls In The World' setting the stage and the crowd aflame. The set is a mixed bag with a lot of tracks from early in the band's career, including 'Squeeze It Dry', 'I Can Fight Dirty Too' and 'Love Bomb Baby' from the original 'Bezerk' album. The band retain their edge and put on a great show for fans old and new.




Sick Sex

Squeeze it Dry

Star Attraction

Hollywood Killer

All the Girls in the World

Shoot to Kill

I Can Fight Dirty Too

Love Overload

Noise Level Critical


Tear Your Fuckin' Heart Out

Dirty Needles

Livin' Without You

Call of the Wild

Love Bomb Baby


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Another Swedish band, BACKYARD BABIES headline the second and final day of SLEAZE II. The band are celebrating 30 years with a new album, due early next year, and have already released single 'Shovin Rocks'. The set is a good mix of old and new, including 'Th1rte3n or Nothing' from the superb 'Four By Four' album and the new single. The dynamic and animated set engages the audience from start to finish, fans screaming like crazy. The guys aren't known for a lot of chat between songs but this audience doesn’t seem to mind. The show is over too quickly and HRH Sleaze has closed for the second year.


Setlist -

Made Me Madman

UFO Romeo

Dysfunctional Professional

The Clash

Brand New Hate



A Song for the Outcast

Heaven 2.9

Shovin' Rocks


Star War

Bombed (Out of My Mind)

Th1rte3n or Nothing (encore)

Nomadic  (encore)

Minus Celsius  (encore)

Look at You  (encore)


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Stage 2


BLACK ROZE are a female fronted rock band (formally Black Rain, Black Rose) from Kent who mix originals and covers in their set, including a mind-blowing cover of The Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams' which demonstrates the female vocalist's range well. There are dual vocals on some of the tracks, including new song 'So Sleazy' which has a slight pop-like feel. Multiple costume changes are apparently par for the course and suit the different songs and their styles, and the girl's voice is magnificent as they perform a bass-fuelled Nancy Sinatra's 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin'. I love this band; they are fun and different, and make a big impression on opening stage 2.


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The BLACK BULLETS, who describe themselves as "the devil's house band", play to a packed out room, with some of the dirtiest sleaze/punk tunes accompanied with plenty of growls, snarls and the odd howl. My favourite track of the set is 'Sinseeker' - the loudest and scuzziest of the day - from their 2015 EP, 'Bulletproof'. Billy Tee has immense stage presence that can't seem to be contained. His rapport with the band, in particular an over-barrier collaboration with the female bassist as she joins the audience, is entertaining and engaging, and he has the right amount of swagger without being a twat. Love their set and will definitely see them again soon.


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SPYDER BYTE are a "Dirty, gritty, sleaze metal" band from Kent but unfortunately due to clashes, and the need to eat proper food at one point in the weekend, I missed their set. Next time guys.


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I caught a little of the SNAKEBITE WHISKY set on stage 2 but was underwhelmed, after some of the acts over the weekend, to find their sound and look was not unlike everything else I'd seen that weekend. Some cool riffs and the obligatory bandana to match the 90s sound but not a headliner for stage 2 IMO.


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Day 2 schedule:-

Main Stage: from 2pm

Neon Animal

The Erotics

Falling Red

Shiraz Lane



Backyard Babies


Stage 2: from 2pm

Black Roze

Black Bullets

Black Bull

Spyder Byte

Snakebite Whisky


Unplugged - Royalty/VIP only


The Idol Dead 12:55

Psychobabylon 13:30



Falling Red 12:55

Black Bullets 13:15

Black Roze 13:35