KING CREATURE / 50 YEAR STORM - Old Ale House, Truro 11.01.19



KING CREATURE are a hard rock band hailing from Cornwall. They released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Volume One’ on Marshall Records back in 2017. Support slots to the likes of the legendary Motorhead and Therapy? have given the band a passionate following of loyal ‘Creatures’.

In support of their recent acoustic release ‘To The Bone’, the band arranged 3 acoustic shows in some local Cornish pubs. And to give something back to their loyal fans, these gigs were free of charge. Woohoo!

So we crammed into The Old Ale House on a busy Friday night. The bands were put right in the back corner, making it quite difficult to get a good view. However, that didn’t deter us from feeling really excited about the gig. 

First onto the stage were 50 YEAR STORM, a 3 piece from Newquay, featuring Emma Limn on drums (well, tonight she was playing a Cajon), Andy Limn on guitar and Damon Morey on guitar and vocals. They went down really well, quickly ripping through their back catalogue and songs from their new EP ‘Hydrostatic’, due for release on 1 February. They have a really soulful and bluesy sound, not to mention some beautifully crafted songs. Damon Morey’s voice was sensational, producing the whole range of vocals. The highlights were ‘Bulleit’, ‘Naughty Coffee’ and ‘Cold Teeth’. The crowd lapped it up and as soon as their set was finished, queues formed to purchase a specially recorded CD containing their previous recordings along with the songs featuring on their new EP. And with each purchase, we were delighted to receive a mini ‘Bulleit’ hip flask! Bonus!

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The numbers #downthefront started to swell in anticipation of the arrival of KING CREATURE. These lads are firm favourites in these parts and it was fantastic to see the pub rammed. This was a different experience for most – the songs were, of course, recognisable, but completely stripped back and raw. They showed a completely different side to the balls out rock that we’re used to seeing from them - really bluesy, but with an unmistakable underlying hard rock sound. This really was up close and personal – the band were literally within touching distance, which made this show all the more special.


All the favourites were there – ‘Lowlife’, ‘Fortune Teller’, ‘Money’, ‘King For A Day’, ‘Can You Forgive Me’ – along with the 3 new songs from ‘To The Bone’ – ‘World Of Sin’, ‘Down In Flames’ and ‘The Drinker’. The crowd loved it and the banter between them and lead singer Dave Kellaway continued throughout the set. Dave Evans showed his full range on guitar – he’s an incredible player but it was odd to see him sat on a stool rather than throwing himself around the stage! Jack Sutton-Bassett was like a caged animal on drums – you could almost sense his frustration at not being able to give them the pounding that he reserves for their full electric set! Matt Karl Vincent really showed off his talents tonight - we got the full repertoire! His superb playing on the acoustic guitar almost goes without saying, but tonight also saw him give a stunning turn on the keyboard. At one point Matt was singing backing vocals whilst playing guitar and keyboard at the same time! And let’s not forget Dave Kellaway on bass and vocals. Dave is a superb frontman, a great vocalist and his bass playing is incredible – surely one of the best around.


The band also threw in a couple of covers as they’ve done on this short acoustic tour. Tonight was Metallica’s ‘Unforgiven’ which went down an absolute storm! When that finished, for fun, Dave Evans played the opening riff from ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. This got the crowd demanding they played the classic song in full. Dave Kellaway, with a grin on his face, said ‘we’ll play it if you sing it’. So they did. And we did. And it almost tore the roof off the joint! The crowd went berserk – it was great fun. When the song finished, Dave suggested that perhaps his future lay in covers bands! As good as it was, we certainly hope that they don’t do that, their own material is far too good.


A couple more songs and the night was over. What an absolute treat for those that attended – to see a band of this quality giving such an intimate performance in a tiny venue, truly is something special. Stripped back rock at its absolute best.

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