Opening band for the evening is LE MENHIR, which consists of sole member Paul Sparshott. Paul is the composer and player of all instruments on the backing tracks, other than his friend who played bagpipes on the intro. He completes this setup by playing electric guitar and singing vocals live.

So, one man singing, playing electric guitar with backing tracks from a laptop are certainly not the norm at a typical live gig. The big question is will this work, should this work and the answer has to be, in an odd way yes it does.

Intro over and Paul dives into a half hour set of what is described as Post Melodic Metal. The sound is bone rattlingly heavy, sombre with intensely doom-laden lyrics and yet delivered with a clear passion for the music. The delivery is crisp and well received by the early crowd who are here to observe.

Only starting as LE MENHIR in 2018 you can see via the social media pages that bookings are a plenty for 2019. It’s certainly something different and if you see LE MENHIR on the bill you really should take time out to give Paul a chance.

Le Menhir is –

Paul Sparshott - Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lemenhirband/

Bandcamp - https://lemenhirband.bandcamp.com

Second on the bill are hard rock / stoner outfit DUSKWOOD, hailing from Yeovil, together since 2012 and comprising of a very healthy five members.

A short intro and the band hurl themselves into some very clean sounding and well delivered metal. Vocalist Liam is happy delivering a range of subtle and almost harmonising vocals to some absolutely rip-roaring screams which accompany and compliment both the band and the sound collectively.

The band appear well rehearsed and confident in what they are delivering. The songs have healthy variation to them, contain a varied selection of solid rhythm with timely solo’s which are topped off with the well delivered vocals. The band are happy on stage, communicate well which all makes for a successful show.

Another support slot, as all too often, is quickly over and you are left feeling that there was certainly more waiting to be given. There is just the one album, titled ‘Desert Queen’ and an early three track EP available to listen too. Let’s hope that the lads have something new on offer in the not too distant future. Certainly worth a watch and listen, wherever you may find them billed.

Duskwood are -

Liam - Vocals
Laurence - Lead Guitar
Greg - Rhythm Guitar
Aaron - Bass Guitar
Jack - Drums

Website - http://www.duskwood.co.uk

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/duskwoodmusic/

Next up are the five-piece local Hull band named IRONTOOTH. Formed in late 2017 the band claim to be Dirty Groove Metal from the North, bringing a new groove of influences from thrash, prog, stoner and blues.

What they do bring is a wall to wall, end to end set of musical destruction. The sound is deep, solid and rattles you to the roots of your teeth. Vocals are delivered with a gnashing snarl whilst the band deliver an equally deep sonic burst.

The band are clearly enjoying themselves, using all of the stage and even some of the floor at times. Energy is plentiful as are the smiles. Dan, on Bass, is certainly a standout for someone enjoying his craft tonight. He just didn’t stop from the first to last note of the set, bouncing around, huge grin on show and screaming the odd vocals into the mix.

There’s even a point where a guest vocalist is invited onto stage who sings an opposing vocal one minute to an in-sync twin vocal blast the next. Imagine two 16th Century battleships trading canon shots, pound for pound and you get the idea.

This was well rehearsed and showed in its delivery. Things should only get better with these guys as the songs develop and the self-confidence grows.

A five track, self-titled EP is available from the 10th March 2019, which if good enough should help widen their appeal. Grab yours from the band’s website or gig merch stand.

Irontooth are –

Rich - Vocals
Dan - Bass
Sam - Guitar
Ben - Guitar
Dan - Drums

Bandcamp - https://irontooth.bandcamp.com/releases

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/irontooth1/

Our headline act tonight are a power trio, hail from Mansfield and are called WITCH TRIPPER.

The band climb on stage, plug in and after just a few short checks on the sound rip into the exact reason that they are being noticed on the music scene. The sound is gut crunchingly deep and powerful. Solid bass and drums thunder along together which is topped off with a searing guitar and vocal overlay. The band are tight, know what each other is doing, what needs to be done and deliver it with an almost consummate ease. Considering Gaz, on drums, is reasonably new you wouldn’t guess without being an avid fan or being told, they are that tight.

The band have two albums to choose their set from, namely their self-titled debut album and the recently released ‘I, Of The Storm’. They take a healthy selection from both and the delivery is sublime with an energy which is almost off the scale. It’s hard to choose any single outstanding song for the night as they were all superbly delivered.

Bounding around the stage for an entire set is a hot and sweaty job, thus both Richie and Chris are dripping with sweat from a very early stage. Where some will slow the pace for a song or two and catch a breath WITCH TRIPPER simply continue to steam along at full speed and if you don’t keep up they’ll simply leave you in their sonic wake.

WITCH TRIPPER have been causing some noises around the scene for a while now and this writer, for one, can clearly see why. Everything about them is top notch and can only get better with time. I won’t add the word effort to that sentence as it is already abundantly obvious and there in bucket loads on the stage.

Grab them live at one of the many scheduled gigs shown on their social media pages and for the cost of a pint and a packet of crisps treat yourself to one of their CD’s. You will not be disappointed.

Witch Tripper are –

Richie Barlow - Lead Guitar and vocals
Gary-Eric Evans - Drums
Chris Stoff - Bass

Website - https://www.witchtripper.co.uk

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/witchtripperuk/