SARI SCHORR - Drummonds, Aberdeen 10.03.19





Blues Rock Aberdeen have been doing a sterling job bringing established and emerging blues talent to the North East of Scotland, and Sunday March 10th saw singer/songwriter SARI SCHORR return to the Granite city to share some new material from her latest album ‘Never Say Never’.

Doors opened early at Drummonds to avoid any hypothermia cases on what was a bitter cold Aberdeen night, and then nothing happened! Surprisingly there was no support band, just the chance to defrost and settle into our seats.

The band took to the stage, and launched into ‘New Revolution’ from the latest album, a lively start to the night, and definitely warmed up the audience. Without a pause for applause, they were then straight into ‘Damn the Reason’ from the debut album.

Sari must have remembered what the weather is like in Aberdeen, as she came well prepared, dressed in her wool coat. The rest of the band didn’t seem to notice the chill, as they breezed through several more tracks from the new album. On stage. Sari is joined once again by Ash Wilson on guitar (the 17th best guitarist in Britain according to Sari), who along with Stevie Watts on keyboard took turns serenading the crowd with some fine solo work.

Introducing the cover ‘Ready for Love’, Sari mentions Mott the Hoople and Bad Company. Her interpretation is a more updated blues number with more in common to Bad Company’s’ version. She then takes a short break for a chat with audience, and explains how she was found in Tennessee by producer Mike Vernon, who played a large part in getting her into the studio for her debut album, and subsequently also produced ‘Never Say Never’ He obviously has a good ear for music!

Returning to the first album for the next couple of tracks, and Wilson really gets to fly free with his solo in ‘I just Want to Make Love to You’, riding up and down the frets, and briefly stealing the spotlight from Sari, while she catches her breath.

‘Freedom’ was written as an anti-gun protest, but in front of a Scottish crowd, it probably felt more in common with Mel Gibson than the NRA. Also from the new album, ‘Valentina’ closed out the main set with its’ rocking chorus, and saw the band exit the stage briefly after a good eighty minutes of quick fire hits.

Returning to the stage, the band played the now distinctive version of Lead Belly’s’ many covered hit ‘Black Betty’. Sari has slowed this right down to a mournful blues ballad, which is a complete contrast to the finale, ‘Back to LA’, a powerful ballad that allows Sari to literally end the show on a high note.

After the show, the band came out to mingle, Ash more than happy to talk guitars with the crowd, and Sari signing anything that could be held in front of her. This is how bands should be, to build a bond with their audience, and it was appreciated by everyone who came out on a freezing Sunday night in the North East of Scotland.

Set List

The New Revolution

Damn the Reason

King of Rock and Roll

Thank You

Ready for Love

Demolition Man

Ain’t Got No Money

I Just Want to Make Love to You

Kiss Me

Never say Never




Black Betty

Back to LA