WOLF / PRIMITAI / SHRAPNEL / SOUL SHREDDER - Corporation, Sheffield 27.03.19




A cool Wednesday evening in Sheffield see’s the mighty WOLF play at the Corporation as part of their UK tour. The line-up has an impressive four bands on, so some serious bang for your coin tonight.

First up are five piece, Sheffield based, melodic rock band SOUL SHREDDER. As the first up of four bands you just know they will not be getting much stage time. With the doors at 7pm, they are on at 7:10pm and have just 25 minutes to do their thing, though once on stage, they do their thing so well. 

The music is tight, combining crunching guitar riffs and solos (Stu & Tom) well complimented by the solid bass of Ed and drumming of Rix.The overall sound and feel is good, though there is something which subsequently turns the heads of almost every early rock fan towards the stage. Hailing from Barcelona, classically trained lead singer Marina Sarda lets rip into the first song and her vocals are simply sublime. She is just pitch perfect from the first to last note and gives the band a whole new, very positive, dynamic.

This band could do very well for themselves.Yes there are quite a few similar outfits out there at the moment so things are not so easy. The band as a whole know what they are doing musically and visually look good too. Marina’s vocals will easily stand the test of time and her stage presence can only grow with more stage time.

Catch them at the MTM Sheffield Semi Finals on April 26th or at any of their other scheduled gigs this year. 2019 will also see the recording and release of their first full length album. Currently unsigned so one to watch.


Soul Shredder are – 


Marina Sarda - Vocals

Stu Gibson - Guitars

Tom Collinson - Guitars

Ed Scrimshaw - Bass

Rix Hobbs – Drums


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/soulshredder/


Next up are thrash metal rockers SHRAPNEL. Hailing from Norwich, this five-piece outfit have been around for a while and have made some decent, and rightly accredited rumblings on the scene.

As the band strike into their first song, at an almost unnerving speed, you cannot but help notice their behemoth of a frontman Jae Hadley. He is stalking the stage like a lion eyeing its prey, of which the crowd are tonight. One foot onto a wedge, leans over, mic to mouth and then all hell breaks loose on the vocal front. Here is a frontman who fits the band and indeed the music perfectly.

This is thrash metal done very, very well indeed. The twin guitars of Nathan and Chris scream along at a frenetic pace with the solid backing of Cai on Bass and Chris on Drums. The band are tight, well-rehearsed and dominate the stage as would be expected for a slot such as this. Chatter is brief between songs and the band insert as much sonic energy into their half hour set. Well worth a listen.


Shrapnel are – 

Jae Hadley - Vocals,
Nathan Sadd - Lead Guitar,
Chris Martin - Guitar,
Cai Beschorner - Bass
Chris Williams – Drums


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ShrapnelOfficial/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shrapnelthrash/

London based PRIMITAI (Pronounced Primi-tie) are next up with their melodic metal-based sound.

The first thing you notice is that this well-rehearsed and is very well put together. There is a stage presence, from all involved, so wherever you look there is something happening. 

Lead vocalist Guy is on it from the first line of the first song and doesn’t let go for the entire set. Here is a vocalist who is confident in himself, his abilities and doesn’t disappoint. 

The twin searing guitars of Srdjan and Sergio power along at a thumping rate of knots and riffs. The guitars are sharp, definable and switch between each other in an almost seamless manner. Bassist Scott is there, in the dark, swinging his bass around in an almost wild abandonment of his limited surroundings and providing a good solid rhythm along with drummer Jonny. 

This is very 80’s esque metal which has been whipped up a notch or three, sprinkled with some liberal attitude and launched upon tonight’s crowd. The set simply storms along and is well received as it should be. The band have played extensively live, both headlining and with some quality names. Their current album offering, ‘The Calling’, reinforces what they about and why they have had some prestigious and highly sought-after support slots. There will be more from this band.


Primitai are –

Guy - Vocals

Srdjan - Guitar

Sergio - guitar, 

Scott - Bass, 

Jonny – drums


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/primitai/

With the enthusiastic crowd now warmed up, everyone now awaits legendary Swedish rockers WOLF.

The intro starts, the crowd erupt and moments later this four-piece missile of a band tear into the opening song, ‘Night Stalker’. The set list is littered with epic metal tracks including ‘Skull Crusher’, ‘Evil Star’, ‘Voodoo’ and ‘Hail Caesar’ amongst others and help create what becomes a set full of what Niklas proudly describes as “Pure Fucking Metal” music. 

Pure Fucking Metal indeed; the band are on fire and solid as a unit. The joint guitar onslaught of Niklas and Simon are expertly accompanied by the solid bass of Anders and the drumming skills of Richard. Stick the massive vocals of Niklas over the top of it all and you have one rollercoaster ride of metal speeding you along at breakneck speed.

Bassist Anders and guitarist Simon exchange sides of the stage on a regular basis whilst Niklas stands firm, centre stage, punching out his massive vocals whilst thrashing his Gibson within an inch of its life.

At one point, where Anders leaves the stage and continues playing through a walk about in the crowd, little would anyone, least of all Anders have expected to find a fully kitted out Stormtrooper. It’s all part of the eclectic and diverse crowd lapping up the offering of these metal gurus.

We are treated to a new song, ‘Midnight Hour’, from the upcoming album to be released later in 2019 and also to insights about what songs are about. Niklas is correct when I for one will never listen to “Full Moon Possession” in the same light again.

The band power through an impressive fourteen song set, finishing with the aptly named ‘Speed On’ to close. The encore consists of ‘Overture In C Shark’ with the thunderous ‘Shark Attack’ finally concluding another successful WOLF outing.

Both Niklas, on stage, and Anders afterwards mention the new album scheduled for release late this year. The band will conclude this tour before returning to Sweden to finish of their eighth album, scheduled for release later in 2019.

The night has been a success for WOLF, their “Pure Fucking Metal” and long may it continue.


Wolf are – 

Niklas Stålvind - lead vocals and guitars
Simon Johansson - guitars and backing vocals
Anders Modd - bass guitar
Richard Holmgren – drums


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/officialwolf/