Much like how you wait for 1 bus and 2 turn up, tonight at The Patriot we’re in for some more great music after the fantastic gig last weekend with PISTON, FLOWERPOT and IN WITH THE JELLYFISH.

The venue is rightfully packed to see local heroes of the everyday kind, EVERYDAY HEROES, playing their only headlining Welsh show of 2019 with support from FALLEN TEMPLES and FOREIGNERS SON. A trifecta of Welshness is upon us, so let’s start the show.

FOREIGNERS SON, a hard-rocking, 3-piece open proceedings tonight. The band are fairly new and are comprised of frontman/bass player Sam Hermanis (ex-MOTORLIZZY), guitarist Jack Davies (KANE’D) and drummer Sam Brain (BETH BLADE AND THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS) and due to that shiny newness, we were treated to a mixture of originals and covers tonight.

Sam H is the epitome of a charismatic frontman, whipping up the crowd into a frenzy before a note had even been played. I can’t recall seeing that wide smile leave his face throughout their entire set. He was having a ball and his enthusiasm was infectious.

The opening track set the tempo for a rocking set to come with fantastic vocals from Hermanis, hard-hitting drums from Brain and some killer guitar from Davies. As mentioned previously the set was 50% covers and 50% originals and in my opinion their original material such as ‘Break Away’ and ‘Weekend Millionaires’ easily stood up next to the rock staple covers of ‘Jailbreak’and ‘Fire’, and at times, eclipsing them, with me particularly enjoying Jack Davies’ awesome riff on ‘Weekend Millionaires’ and the bass groove of ‘Break Away’.

FOREIGNERS SON have a solid foundation laid down to create something special on the circuit. Their banter on stage with the crowd is natural and the boys can play. I look forward to seeing them again with more original material because they can certainly write a good riff and hooky chorus, that’s for sure.


Foreigners Son are:-

Sam Hermanis - Vocals / Bass

Jack Davies - Guitar / Vocals

Sam Brain - Drums / Vocals



Next up are Cardiff’s FALLEN TEMPLES. We interviewed frontman Adam Vaughan waaaay back in Episode #30 of Down The Front Podcast (http://downthefront.podbean.com/e/episode-30-beautiful-strangers-fallen-temples-wicked-stone/) where we also played the awesome ‘Cut The Wire’ and were looking forward to finally synchronising our diaries by catching them live.

The band are obviously named after the trail of destruction they leave in their wake because their live sound could most definitely fell many temples.

If I had to use one word to describe FALLEN TEMPLES set tonight it would be monolithic. From the opening track, we were treated to low-end monstrous groove and thick hard rock, bordering on stoner, riffs. ‘Phoenix’ and, the ironically named for tonight (Adam has broken his leg snowboarding!) ‘As Long As I Can Stand’ are full of intricate riffs and chest-rattling bass. 

‘Phoenix’ is a new track for the band, written for a female wrestlers entrance and it stands up alongside material from the band's awesome EP ‘The Future We Left Behind’. Another new track, ‘On The Run’, has never been played in front of anyone before so we were privileged to be among the first to see its live debut. For the most part, it plays off what FALLEN TEMPLES do best, riding a beefy, low-end riff that grooves like a mutha, whilst the melodic chorus leaned towards a more radio-friendlier sound.

Adam apologises for not being able to put on his usual show, with him being restricted by his walking boot, but his performance was certainly not hampered at all. His vocals sounded flawless, a nice upper register singing above the carnage of rumbling bass notes below. And what of those bass notes? The walking beast of a man Joe Lewis is an imposing figure on the stage laying waste to all who come before him with his thunderous playing, whilst his namesake Joe Stirland on drums creates a big, booming drum sound that shook the room, even finding time to throw in the occasional cheeky cowbell.

Multiple tempo changes within songs, riffs for days and whether they are performing straight-up rockers like ‘Adrenaline’, slowing things down with ‘Eternal Drift’ or wading through the sludge on ‘Cut The Wire’, FALLEN TEMPLES prove to be a formidable live act that are well worth your attention at a venue near you! Or, travel to see them!


Fallen Temples are:-

Adam Vaughan - Vocals / Guitar

Joe Lewis - Bass / Vocals

Joe Stirland - Drums




The crowd tonight have been enjoying every note, every riff, every lick, every beat and every fill and are suitably buzzing by the time EVERYDAY HEROES hit the stage. Having seen these guys play before, I was looking forward to seeing how the new material came across live. Having spent years trying to get out of Wales, the band were happy to be back playing a venue where they “cut they teeth”.

After a short intro tape, the band take to the stage to a roaring reception and immediately tear into recent single ‘Soul To Save’. No time wasted finding their stride, EVERYDAY HEROES are straight into top gear with a sterling performance of what is a polished studio track. Even the backing vocals of bass player Lewis Watkins and rhythm guitarist Daniel Richards are on the money.

The funky ‘Take Me Home’ sounds fantastic, as the rhythm section of Lewis and drummer Jay Haines get their groove on underneath a big, blues-rock riff and in the solo section, showcase that they are a heavier band than you may initially think. The infectious ‘Find My Way’ grooves on its galloping riff and cool guitar solo from Luke.

Not that they needed much encouragement, but the audience was asked if they would so kindly join in with ‘Little Bit Of You’ and they duly oblige. What I like about EVERYDAY HEROES is the vocal dynamic between the 3 vocalists, and actually, the dynamics that the band use in their songs as a whole. They’ll turn it up to 11 before turning on a dime and bringing it down to a quiet, slow crawl before ramping it back up again.

With Luke spitting out passionate, soul-infused lead guitar solos by the bucketful, the crowd by the midway point of the set were well and truly losing their shit!

Attention-grabbing ‘Texas Red’ is another from the new record, and it pays homage to Black Stone Cherry. The kick drum is booming, the riffs are rocking and there is another melodic chorus much like ‘Soul To Save’. ‘Better Off’ starts off at a mid-pace before an infectious vocal and riff lift the song with the crowd back in full voice and still going mental! Is there anyone here that hasn’t had a good time tonight? I doubt it!

Lukes deep, powerful vocals are superb throughout tonight and he gets a chance to slow things down a little bit, delve deep into his soul for a smashing rendition of the Prince classic, ‘Purple Rain’. He nails the solo too to be fair!

The Patriot erupt into jeers as Luke announces that ‘Delilah’ is the final song of the evening. A rock-solid performance by the band draws us in with this uptempo number and the big chorus has everyone singing along.

But wait, there is more! An encore performance of ‘The Ballad Of Robert Johnson’ and for the second week running, ‘Proud Mary’. The energy between the band and crowd is electric, people are dancing, singing and wishing this night will never end.

All good things, sadly, must come to an end and I would say that EVERYDAY HEROES homecoming was a triumphant success. The Patriot was packed with all 3 bands feeding off the energy of the crowd. Friends, families, strangers, it didn’t matter, we were all as one tonight witnessing an explosion of live music that never once failed to put a smile on somebodies face.

When the crowd are up for it and the bands are “on”, there is nothing better than being at a gig, and tonight there was a perfect symbiotic relationship on display.


Get out of your houses, go to your local venue and support live music!


Everyday Heroes are:-

Luke Phillips – Vocals / Lead Guitar

Jay Haines – Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals

Daniel Richards – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals

Lewis Watkins – Bass / Backing Vocals