METAL 2 THE MASSES GRAND FINAL - KK's Steel Mill, Wolverhampton 01.06.19



Saturday afternoon started with me finishing work and a mad dash down to the METAL 2 THE MASSES GRAND FINAL in Wolverhampton. Unfortunately, I missed the first band, RUSTLUNG, but I hear they performed very well. Having seen them play at the heats, I knew they’d make a great start to the competition.


However, I did manage to make it just in time to see THE BLACK HOUNDS set up on stage. This was actually the first time I’d seen them, and I wasn’t disappointed. They performed well and had the growing crowd engaged.

Following in THE BLACK HOUNDS footsteps, EYES OF THE RAVEN were next to join the stage. Their beer-fuelled stoner groove metal riffs impressed the judge and earnt them a place on the Jägermeister stage at this year’s BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL.


ASHEN CROWN, last year’s winner, were the mid-competition guest band. Their aggressive energy coupled with Kieran’s forbidding vocals, made for a great show.

BLOOD CHURCH soon followed. They gave a captivating performance. This satanic death metal influenced band graced the stage with props and wearing robes. I’ve seen them play throughout the competition and do have a soft spot for their style of music.


ATARKA’s turn was next. They really went to town trying for a spot at BLOODSTOCK. With smoke and confetti canons, their set was impressive. Jamie’s brutal ear bleeding tones captivated the ever-growing crowd.

ELYREAN were the last of the competitors of the evening. They fascinated the crowd with their new generation melodic thrash set.  They impressed the judge immensely and secured their place on the New Blood Stage at this year’s BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL. Congratulations on winning METAL 2 THE MASSES 2019 guys!


EVIL SCARECROW were the guest headliners for the evening. Their quirky show and interaction with the crowd was the perfect ending to the competition. Everyone was dancing to ‘Crabulon’ and definitely made interesting viewing with their robots and elf.


This year’s completion was a great success with some amazing new talent coming through the doors. Next stop will be BLOODSTOCK. See you all there!

Thanks to KK’s Steel Mill for hosting and Matt at Mayhem Promotions for organising the whole competition!