POSSESSED / NORDJEVEL / NAHEMIA - The Underworld, Camden 06.06.19



It’s been a red hot minute since POSSESSED last toured in the UK but with two of the darkest new black metal bands in tow, the ‘Devils Over Europe’ tour seems to be a welcome addition to events at The Underworld given the sheer volume of POSSESSED T-shirts on display tonight.


First up are London Black Metal, 4 piece NAHEMIA. The confined nature of Camden’s Underworld perpetuates a feeling of unease and apprehension at the best of times. Add to that the sensory deprivation of black metal which, by it’s very nature, is more often than not, harsh and abrasive and you’ve got what makes for a fairly intense performance. Add to that further a strobe light which only just makes out the shadow of a vocalist, clad in 8 inch spikes protruding from arm bands tearing up a bible and wielding a 9 inch knife which is then plunged into a pigs head several times and you’ve got what is for some a living nightmare and, to others, a quiet Thursday evening in the nations capital. 


Whichever your outlook on the situation, NAHEMIA’s music does the majority of the talking tonight - some excellent harmonies between the bass and guitar over some bladder shattering drums all brought together with brutal vocals over the top. 


The crowd is fairly unresponsive (quite possibly early signs of shock) until vocalist Rimmon screams “are you with us?!” which receives a raucous response from the 40+ people on the dance floor. It’s a great, albeit slightly eye-opening, start to the evening.


NahemiA are:


Bil - Drums

Rimmon - Vocals

Lenal - Guitar

Abdiel - Bass


You can find them at:



Having played here only a few weeks ago supporting Suffocation, Norway’s NORDJEVEL will be a familiar name to most of those in attendance tonight. Walking out to an ominous backing track, shrouded in blue lights and smoke, the band waste no time at all ripping into their set with strobe lights in full effect. 


Vocalist Doedsadmiral falls to his knees as he raises a chalice in the air, pouring its thick claret out into his mouth and all over his face. What follows is a technical mastery in black metal. I don’t know what’s happened in the weeks since their slot supporting Suffocation but this set feels a cut above. The sound quality is incredible, every riff, every bass line, every drum beat cuts through and compliments each other. The performance is high-calibre and the lighting show really adds to it, be it through strobes or red lights illuminating the band from underneath. 


If the chants of “Nord-Je-Vel” throughout the set are anything to go by, I fully expect them to become a household name with all black metal fans soon, especially on the strength of latest album ‘Necrogenesis’ which I couldn’t turn off the whole way home - go and listen to it!


Nordjevel are:


Doedsadmiral - Vocals

Destructhor - Guitar

Dzepticunt - Bass

Valla - Guitar

Dominator - Drums 


You can find them at:



After what feels like a disproportionately long change over time, Jeff Becerra and co make their way on to the stage. Jeff throws his horns up, smiles and everyone in the venue goes completely mad. Drummer Emilio Marquez holds up a cross with his drum sticks and slowly lowers the top stick, fucking hell - POSSESSED are awesome. 


As the opening riffs of ‘No More Room in Hell’ sound out around the venue the crowd works up into a frenzy - moshing, screaming, clambering, reaching. It’s unrelenting throughout, during ‘Demons’ all you can see is bodies flying about the place and the feeling is completely reciprocated by the band. 


During the songs and between songs, it’s all smiles and fist pumps and gratitude. Jeff thanks everyone for “coming out to the infamous Underworld” and everyone is beyond pleased to be there. 


The lighting show is brilliant, red and white beams contrasting the darkness of the stage to form what resembles the classic POSSESSED logo which is also draped across the entire side wall behind the stage. 


 “This next one is about the descent into Hell!” claims Jeff as they tear into ‘Abandoned’. “Back in the day, I used to do a lot of drugs...” he continues before they play ‘Storm in my Mind’. They’re only little interactions but they are what make POSSESSED so endearing. 


Possessed are:

Jeff Becerra| Vocals

Daniel Gonzalez| Guitars

Emilio Marquez| Drums

Robert Cardenas| Bass

Claudeous Creamer| Guitars


You can find them at: