CALL OF THE WILD FESTIVAL DAY 3 - Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln 26.05.19




SAMARKIND open up the Kilmister stage on Sundaywith a fantastic rock blues set, featuring a superb slide guitar.

SILK ROAD play some dirty, groovy rock on the Cloven Hoof stage and FALSE FLAGS powerhouse vocalist Emma Hodgson stirs things up on the Badlands stage, while duo RIVAL BONES deliver musically on the Kilmister stage.

CADENCE NOIR, on the Cloven Hoof stage, features a leather catsuit-clad fiddle player, well they do describe themselves as ‘goth folk ’n’roll!’ An apt description if ever there was one, but it works!

BEACHMASTER play to the afternoon punters on the Badlands stage, while THEIA take to the Kilmister stage and really get the audience going with their great sound and catchy songs. As the guys are currently without a drummer, that spot is filled by Dave Sanders from FALLING RED today.

CONCRETE KINGDOMS take their brand of electrifying rock to the Cloven Hoof stage, closely followed by the engaging HEARTSINK whose anthemic and melodic rock tunes capture the attention of the audience as they play on the Badlands stage.

Swedish melodic hard rockers BAI BANG rip the Kilmister stage a new one and show the audience exactly why they’ve been in the business for 20 years, whilst Launchpad finalists DLVRR bring their metalcore riffs to the Cloven Hoof stage.

Female-fronted punk-ska band SUBURBAN TOYS take to the Badlands stage, while TOMORROW IS LOST, fronted by the powerful vocals of Cass King, rocks the Kilmister stage and pulls out all the stops to entertain the crowd. Amazing performance and sound from the five-piece

Four-piece DYORLICH rocks the Cloven Hoof stage, closely followed by punk rock/hardcore/rock trio THREE DAY MILLIONAIRES on the Badlands stage and notorious party animal rockers KNOCK OUT KAINE on the Kilmister stage.

Cumbrian heavy riffers DRUDGE hit the Cloven Hoof stage to charm the audience, followed by punk ’n’ rollers FIGHTS AND FIRES on the Badlands stage, as BIGFOOT burst onto the main stage with their larger than life, all action presence. This is one of their last performances before their farewell tour in September, after which the band will split up, it’s such a shame as their performance is great.

Lincoln melodic rockers BORDERS are next to hit the Cloven Hoof stage, followed by Alt rockers HELLBOUND HEARTS. 

US rockers KICKIN’ VALENTINA are next on the main Kilmister stage and are a band who many have been looking forward to seeing this weekend. They don’t disappoint, bringing all the swagger and groove, with just a touch a sleaze.

WITCH TRIPPER descend upon the Cloven Hoof stage and play their fast-paced, stoner rock, while BULLETS & OCTANE take to the Kilmister stage and run through their unwavering rock ’n’ roll.

THE TREATMENT burst on to the Kilmister stage and run through a fantastic set of high tempo hard rock that set the crowd on fire. This band deliver a phenomenal set performed with great vigour. They could have been playing to a crowd of 10,000 rather than a few hundred, they put so much energy and enthusiasm into their performance. Great music, brilliant sound, awesome delivery.

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR are plagued by power issues just minutes before they are due to go on stage and unfortunately it’s then another 50 minutes before the band start their set, which thankfully is well worth the wait and absolutely blinding.