Tonight is billed as a BLACK KING COBRA single launch (in support of ‘Lie Through My Teeth’) with a headline set from them, ably supported by 3 other bands with an 8:45 kick-off for the first band. This means the headliners are not on until 11 pm with each band getting a meagre 30-minute set. 

There was some negative press after the gig about this but please let’s be clear about this, this was not the bands doing, this was the decision of the venue in having 3 support bands and a late slot for the openers. This, unfortunately, is fast becoming the norm for this venue with what appears no consideration for the bands appearing or the paying public who rely on public transport and many of whom missed the end of the headliners set having to get home. However, it did not detract from a great night.

Opening tonight are local band PETTY CASSETTES who are receiving rave reviews just now having won the Scottish final of the Soundwaves music competition and getting the runners up slot in the UK final. They open tonight with ‘ Don’t Lock The Door ‘ followed by ‘Lately ‘.

Their high energy Indie Rock has the crowd, more than a few who have come to see this band, on their toes bouncing and singing along. Vocalist / Guitarist David Philliskirk has an energy to him that a few other bands could take lessons from, he wants to be here having people listen to his music and is sucking in their enjoyment of it. ‘Best Forgot ‘ and ‘Live ‘ are next and alongside Philliskirk are guitarist Robert Chirnside, drummer Ciaran Gallagher and his dad Con who is filling in on bass tonight in place of regular Angus Roxburgh. Set closer after their 30 mins are up is ‘Sensitive Boy ‘.

They get a long, well-deserved applause from the large crowd. Keep an eye out for these guys, they already have a big following which given time will only get bigger.

Petty Cassettes are:-

David Philliskirk – Vocals/ Guitars
Robert Chirnside – Guitars
Ciaran Gallagher – Drums 
Con Gallagher – Bass ( One night only ) 
Angus Roxburgh – Bass

Second up tonight are OVER YONDER who are Edinburgh based and describe themselves as influenced by Country, Indie and Psychedelic music. They comprise of Tomass Mencis on lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Matthew Giffen on vocals & lead guitar, Murray Box on drums and Jamie Johnston on bass. They open with ‘Born To Ramble ‘ and Mencis bounces about the stage gingerly due to the size of it. ‘Lost ‘, ‘Camel Fumes ‘ and ‘Wolf ‘ are next up and are all warmly received by the crowd. ‘Manana’, ‘Waterfall ‘ and set closer ‘I Don’t Care ‘ sees their half-hour done and dusted.

This is the first time OVER YONDER have played at Tuts since forming in 2017. I’m sure they will be back again before long.

Over Yonder are:

Tomass Mencis – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Matthew Giffen / Vocals /Guitar
Jamie Johnston – Bass
Murray Box – Drums

Top of the bill potentials DEAD COYOTES hail from Glasgow and are, at a young age, veterans of the Glasgow music scene. Having had the pleasure of seeing them previously I know what to expect and in the few months, since I have, they have improved enormously in my opinion.

First song tonight is ‘It’s Coming’ and it certainly did. Frontman Rory Boyle’s enthusiasm is infectious and immediately has the crowd on side .’ Incinerator Man’ follows and ‘ The Ballad Of Johnny Rocca Cola’ is my stand out track by them tonight. New song ‘Abattoir ‘ gets aired and the other members of this band are equally as enthusiastic, as Boyle, guitarist Callum Campbell, bassist Dominick Gallagher and drummer Stephen Buggy have all obviously worked hard in the last few months and have ramped up their performance big style. ‘Where Demons Dance ‘ and last one for tonight ‘Post Sordidum’ bring their short set to an end. Keep this up guys really enjoyed your set.

Dead Coyotes are

Rory Boyle – Vocals/Guitars
Callum Campbell – Guitars
Dominick Gallagher – Bass
Stephen Buggy – Drums

The clock strikes 11 and BLACK KING COBRA arrive on stage, and are straight into it with ‘Blood Rush ‘. This is my second time in a fortnight having the pleasure of seeing them but there's always something different about seeing them in Glasgow, you know the crowd are all there to see them and will get nothing less than 100%. ‘Bad Man’ is next and then the reason we are all here tonight the new single ‘ Lie Through My Teeth ‘. It is a bit heavier than usual which is no bad thing and vocalist Callum Moran is on top form again tonight. 

‘Undesirable ‘ is followed by one of my favourites ‘ Shiver ‘. The capacity crowd tonight are being treated by one of the best performances I’ve seen from the band. Guitarist Ross Clark is on top form, as is bassist Robert Kennedy who is vastly underrated, more about him shortly, and drummer Lloyd Griffiths who is of slight build but he can batter his way around his kit. A new one is next, ‘ Lullaby ‘, and continues to show the quality of the new material that is being produced by this band. ‘I Don’t Want To Feel It Anymore ‘ and ‘Wrack & Ruin ‘ equally showing how good live they are also. 

There is good news and bad news next, good being it’s Robert’s birthday, cue the cheers and then the bad news and you can see on Moran’s face the sadness as he announces Kennedy is leaving the band and this is his last gig. He will be sorely missed by us all and best wishes to him in the future. 

Closing tonight is ‘Quake ‘ which when finished gets enormous applause. What BLACK KING COBRA have gone through in the last couple of years with personnel changes only makes them stronger. Best wishes to Robert and for the rest of the guys they can take this time to regroup guys and get back out there with whoever is lucky enough to get the gig. 

What a fantastic night of music!

Black King Cobra are

Callum Moran – Vocals
Ross Clark – Guitars
Robert Kennedy – Bass
Lloyd Griffiths – Drums