BIGFOOT / FAHRAN – Corporation, Sheffield 21.09.19



Support for this farewell tour comes from FAHRAN, who gave us a 9 track set with blistering guitars and thunderous drums. Matt on vocals was giving everything he had, and he slays it but seems to be suffering from technical issues tonight so I can’t always hear his blissfully angry and passionate vocals. They tear through 'Home' and latest single 'Stand Alone' before their last single 'Pyre' - a powerful song about anxiety which is held together by a simple and irresistible riff. The music is immense, powering through skin to course through your veins, and the band has a great energy on stage.  'The Bitter Taste of You' grabs me by the throat and they close a great set with 'State of Mind' with beautiful soaring guitars. Check out their latest album V-A-P-O-U-R-S-.

I'll be going out of my way to watch these guys again.


Fahran is:-

Matt Black – Vocals

Jake Graham – Guitar

Chris Byrne – Guitar

Joshua Ballatyne – Bass

Josh Fahran - Drums


BIGFOOT - where do I start? This is a bittersweet night, always a pleasure to watch these guys but also their penultimate show as a band. Absolutely gutted. This is a band I always make time and find cash to go see, whether support or headliner and although I'm sad it's the last show, I know it will be a great way to go out.

Their talent is not matched by large egos at all and these are humble and funny guys with an immense musicality and unparalleled energy, each member of the band at the top of their game, this is a real loss to the rock music scene, hell the music scene in general.


‘Tell Me A Lie’ starts the set, a massive injection of energy and a lesson in how to put on a live show. Old and newer favourites follow, highlights for me being ‘Run’ and ‘Stone Soldiers’ as these remain two of my favourite all-time tracks, and ‘I Dare You’ from the album which is just a rabble-rousing ball of electricity, a fusillade of delicious classic rock. The band are on top form, Sean Seabrook on vocals is on fire, and this is shaping up to be the best gig I've seen them do except the album launch.


What a loss, some of the best British rock we have ever seen. The dual guitar attack of Mick McCullagh and Sam Millar, both accomplished musicians and with a fantastic interaction on stage, features heavily, as does Matt Avery's seductively deep rumbling bass and Tom Aspinall's relentless drums, always with a huge smile on his face. The vocals are emotionally-rich, incredibly melodic and piercing, and the culminating sound is exhilarating and one you never want to end.


‘Freak Show’ is dedicated to us, the crowd of freaks all pushed to the edges of society for not being aesthetically beautiful, size zero or liking Justin Bieber. The vocals for ‘Forever Alone’ are incredible, though I get the feeling the rest of the band are itching to get us jumping again. Old favourites from the first EP have new life breathed into them, ‘The Other Side Of Paradise’, ‘Tie Me Down’, while ‘The Fear’ has the room enrapt and moving as one.


Anyone who has seen BIGFOOT before will know of the faux rivalry and Hello Kitty guitar duels and we are not disappointed, even treated to a little Chris Byrne from FAHRAN joining in the battle. I can't pick a winner, sorry, but of course it's always Mick or Sam for me and, far from rivalry, each compliments the other in style and talent.


Throughout the encore, Sean takes to the floor of the room, working the crowd some more, and covering us all in his sweat as he throws his hair around and belts out some outstanding vocals. ‘Blame It On The Dog’ is always a fan favourite and the usual closer of ‘Uninvited’ is fierce. There aren't even words to describe adequately the experience and I'm sure most in the room felt as emotional as I did by the end of the show.

I feel privileged to have been part of the journey and to know these guys, who could all join new bands tomorrow if they chose to, such is the genius of their art and the demand would be great. Writing this review is difficult for me and I finally see this is really happening so my words are coated in a film of tears. Lots of love and future success to all of these guys, and quick shout out to original vocalist Antony Ellis - we haven’t forgotten you. #ripbigfoot


Bigfoot is:- 

Sean Seabrook – Vocals

Sam Millar – Guitars

Mick McCullagh – Guitars

Matt Avery – Bass

Tom Aspinall - Drums