AUDREY - Self Titled (EP)



 Legend has it, that a couple of years ago in a barn AUDREY came into being. Josh Darby (vocalist and guitar) explains; "Tom (drums) and myself met at an open mic night around three years ago. I wasn’t playing in a band but had a whole bunch of original songs, and we started jamming. Tom already knew Ben (Bass), so we quickly got him involved, and worked as a 3-piece for a short time, searching for someone to come play lead, and we eventually found Ben Farr (lead guitar) through Facebook, and have been playing together ever since." 

An original rock-alt rock band from Hull, they cite their diverse influences such as - Oasis, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty and The Stones - and pride themselves on an "engaging and energetic" live set with "big juicy choruses". Their debut single, 'She Says' is out now and their self titled EP follows on 20th October; "the single is out now, with our first ever music video, and the reaction has been awesome! People have been really positive, and we can’t wait to get the full EP out for them! It’s only 4 tracks, but each one has something quite different about it. We’ve got our launch night coming up for the EP on the 20th October, at Off the Road Live Lounge in Hull. It’s going to be a loud, sweaty mess, and we can’t wait!"

'She Says' is a bluesy track with a sultry, addictive rhythm and funky smokin’ hot chorus. It's blues with a smidgeon of indie and it's deliciously catchy. There's also a psychedelic, 60s classic rock n roll flavour to their sound, best illustrated through 'See The Lights', which sashays in with lush riffs, strong drums and a tortured vocal pulsating with that 60s mood.

"We’ve all grown up listening to a mix of different bands really. My Dad loved The Stones and Dylan, so I got a lot of that, which I fell in love with, and have definitely been big influences on me. Ben (guitar)’s favourite band growing up was Queen (his first guitar was a Brian May red special). But we all love all kinds of bands, me and Tom first struck up our friendship talking about Tom Waits, and then hopped onto our love of heavy metal and how Tom used to tour in a thrash band. And I guess our sound has nods to this big melting pot of different influences."

What struck me most on listening to the EP was the nostalgia for good old rock n roll, blues, country, mixed with an energy and fire, laced with catchy hooks and impressive riffs. The lyrics seem to mean something, 'She Says' is about a toxic relationship and they are tied up with distinctive vocals and elegant melodies. "I tend to come with the songs as shells, then as a band we build it up, rearrange it, add or take bits out, and make it into what it is. But then again some songs are made in the rehearsal room out of spontaneous jams, nothing’s ever ruled out.  I don’t tend to write about a given thing, I get a hook or a line stuck in my head and sort of see where it leads. But once a song’s written, when I look back on the lyrics or the feelings in there, it almost always relates to some sort of emotions I was feeling at some time in my life. We’ve probably got enough songs for a good album and a half! If not more. We’re constantly writing, and are already talking about getting another EP recorded."

The opening track of the EP, 'Watch Me Go', has a memorable hook and chorus, more alt-rock than heavy rock, but again with that mix of influences. 'Glad To Be' is a totally different sound again, an acoustic country style song with that deep husky vocal. I'm impressed by this band and will definitely buy the EP, my stand out track being 'See The Lights'. Their sound is honed and tight and I think they just might go a long way. I hope so.


"Audrey” is out 20th October. Check them out.



Watch Me Go

See The Lights

She Says

Glad To Be



Josh Darby - Vocals and rhythm guitar

Ben Farr - Lead guitar and backing vocals

Ben Stephenson - Bass and backing vocals

Tom Small - Drums