KIKAMORA - Masquerade (EP)



 Building on the success of their debut 2016 EP ‘In The Henhouse’ and with a new lineup including Andy Page on drums and Brazilian guitarist Chris Archela, Clevedon hard rock quintet KIKAMORA are set to drop their highly anticipated sophomore EP, ‘Masquerade’, on 16th November 2018 and will be taking it on the road for a UK-wide tour this Autumn, concluding with a hometown show on 30th November 2018.

Kicking off the record, ‘Alibi’ is soaked in a seductive blend of boozy, bluesy rock and old-school swagger, making a meteoric impact! Swathed in tasty riffs and strident drumbeats, the impressive hard-hitting opener looks at relationships and how they can so often become deceptive and ridden with jealousy. Changing the mood and tempo, ‘Wrong Place, Right Time’ is about gaining independence, packing up your bags and leaving home for the first time. The song marries powerful vocals with a laid-back, Southern slant, delivering a heady fusion of harmonica and sax with the addition of some smouldering guitar work that envelopes the track in a rich tapestry of sound.

Sandwiched in the middle of the record is ‘Sat Around Living’, which has faint echoes of early Radiohead, particularly at the start. This sorrowful gem of a song is about a woman who becomes grief-stricken after her partner leaves and spends all her time just sitting around feeling down. The over-arching theme is that there is nothing you can do about it so wasting your life wallowing in sadness is futile. This melancholic slow burner interlaces beautifully intense, sultry vocals with play-it-like-you-mean-it instrumentals, culminating in another scorching guitar solo courtesy of lead shredder Jimi Bessant, making it one of my favourite tracks on the EP.

‘Off The Cuff’ ups the tempo and the sleaze factor, slathering on the sex appeal while exploring the promiscuous side of one-night stands, steadily building itself up with a ferocious drumbeat to a muscular, riff-heavy climax (and reminding me a little of Skid Row in the process). The record is expertly rounded off by ‘Said And Done’, a measured, deeply personal song that addresses how it feels when someone you love and trust, makes a life-changing decision without telling you. The strong, heartfelt vocals are drenched in pure, raw emotion, accompanied by gloriously slick guitar work, sharp drumming and lashings of groove, leaving an indelible impression on this reviewer.

Title track ‘Masquerade’ is directed at popular music and artists who do what they are told by the powers that be, rather than stay true to who they are. The five stunning tracks contained within the EP effortlessly demonstrate KIKAMORA’s musical dexterity and ability to stand out from the crowd by nailing multiple styles, artfully fusing them to create their own identifiable heavy, blues-tinged sound. This outstanding new release represents a massive step forward for KIKAMORA, who don’t just deserve to be heard… they deserve our full attention.


1) Alibi

2) Wrong Place, Right Time

3) Sat Around Living

4) Off The Cuff

5) Said And Done

Kikamora are:
Wilf Kite – Vocals & harmonica
Jimi Bessant - Lead guitar
Chris Archela - Rhythm guitar
Rob Ives - Bass
Andy ‘Stick Shredder’ Page – Drums

Frankie Povey - Saxophone