THE VIRGINMARYS - Northern Sun Sessions (Album)




I first discovered THE VIRGINMARYS at that much-hallowed field of rock n roll they call 'Donnington' and have followed their career with much interest ever since. A couple of years passed with the release of four EP’s before the release of their debut album 'King Of Conflict' in 2013, with 'Divides' following in 2016. With Matt Rose (their former bass player) departing the band in 2016 and their split from Wind-Up Records it sure was a rocky time for the guys.

This would have been the end of a lesser band but not for these guys, last years 'Sitting Ducks' EP confirmed that THE VIRGINMARYS were going to continue their journey and this album cements it even further.

Opening track 'Look Out For My Brother' is the perfect opening track for their first album without Matt Rose. A solid punk rock drum beat, with a riff the right side of fuzzy. The "Whoa Whoa" chorus and infectious groove is sure to make it a future live favourite.

'S.O.S.4.U.N.I' follows suit, in fact, this song is so full of angst, fuzz-laden guitar riffs and rapid-fire drumming, that it gives Therapy? a run for their money. A co-headline tour between these bands given the strength of both this album and Andy Cairns’ outfits latest album "Cleave" would be a perfect match in my opinion.

With next two tracks 'Eye For An Eye' and 'For The Two Of Us' though slower in tempo (especially the latter), they really showcase Ally Dickaty's impressive vocals, I really do think the man is one of the most underrated singers out there. Perhaps this will only really be appreciated live but these two tracks definitely showcase his true ability.

The power on 'Blind Lead The Blind' is seriously impressive. There may be only two of them playing on this album, but the power on this record is seriously strong and no more so than here. It will knock you out of your shoes.

'Get Me Back Home' is full of blues and soul with plenty of fuzz, it reminds me of The Graveltones. Which, for the record, is a compliment.

'Northern Sun' is soulful and straight from the heart, with another impressive vocal by Mr Dickaty. 'Wanna Be Free' has a chorus so big that it will be blasting the roof off venues across the country tour after tour.

The last three songs on the album 'Flags', 'Step Up' and 'All Fall Down' is a complete triple whammy of simply foot stomping, punk-infused rock songs. These are not only the perfect closing tracks to this record, but would be the perfect finishing songs at a live show.

THE VIRGINMARYS are certainly back and firing on all cylinders. I will definitely be going to see these songs live on tour, these tracks are fantastic on record but I get the feeling that they will be so much better seen live, which to me is the sign of a perfect record.


The Virginmarys Are:

Ally Dickaty - Guitar/Vocals

Danny Dolan - Drums


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