CITY OF THIEVES - Beast Reality (Album)



CITY OF THIEVES have followed the well-worn path by many a rock band on the road to success. Perfecting their craft, testing the water with a couple of EP’s, and building a following by playing their music in their home town. They are now about to take a massive leap forward with the release of their first full album on newly signed Frontiers, a slot at HRH in November, and tour dates supporting Inglorious next year.

With the excellent reviews already piling up for ‘Beast Reality’, a solid entry into the UK rock charts, and airplay on Planet Rock, the future is virtually assured for these London rockers who only wanted to keep music alive and thriving in a time when small venues are closing down, and album sales have been replaced by streaming.

Blending influences from old and new heavy rock bands, the Thieves create their own sound built on hard rock, heavy riffs and melodic choruses, all performed with high energy, at full speed with a little aggression thrown in to spice it all up. This all comes together in a fast paced album perfect to accompany the long drive to Wales for Hard Rock Hell 2018.

Opening the album, and setting the tone is ‘Reality Bites’ featuring the grizzled vocals of Lailey as he fires out the bass line over a powerful drum beat that could rattle the fillings out of your molars.

‘Fuel and Alcohol’ is a protest against surveillance and legislation that strangles the youth of today, forcing us all to be politically correct in a time where free speech is being frowned upon in case we hurt someone’s feelings with the truth. When all we really want to do is enjoy ourselves.

The opening bars of ‘Buzzed Up City’ start slow, before building up to that familiar heavy thrum of Australian influenced rock whereas ‘Lay me to Waste’ is a much darker, heavier track with a guitar solo straight from the ‘70’s metal scene.
The riffs flow long and strong throughout this album, stirring memories of hooks and
melodies from the last four or five decades, and ‘Control’ is no exception, with the way it blends the familiar with something new and updated.
One of three tracks carried over from their EP, ‘Incinerator’ has had a bit of radio airplay helping the band expand their fan-base, and give the new album a boost. It’s a sleazy, heavy blues number that has done the band proud.

‘Animal’ reverts back to the typical ball-breaking Aussie, bullish, brash and in your face rock and roll. This ties in nicely with the hard drinking, street fighting, grinding beat we are introduced to in the following track ‘Right to Silence’. You don’t want to mess or stand in their way while they are playing these songs!
If there was ever a decent Rocky sequel left in Sylvester Stallone’s’ plans, ‘Born to be Great’ is the soundtrack he should be using. Full of heavy hitting riffs, and powerful drums, this track would power you up the steps of the Philadelphia museum of art.

‘Damage’ and ‘Give it Away’ sound as if vocalist Jamie Lailey Is about to burst a lung in a last effort to impress, as the album draws to a close and perhaps that’s why they slow down ever so slightly for final track ‘Something of Nothing’. This is the closest we’ll get to a ballad on this album, an uplifting, positive, melodic anthem, perfect for closing out what is an impressive debut album from yet another young gifted group of musicians this country seems to be producing in droves at the moment.

1. Reality Bites
2. Fuel and Alcohol
3. Buzzed Up City
4. Lay Me To Waste
5. Control
6. Incinerator
7. Animal
8. Right to Silence
9. Born To Be Great
10. Damage
11. Give It Away
12. Something of Nothing

City of Thieves:
Jamie Lailey - Bass/Vocals
 Ben Austwick – Guitar
Will Richards – Drums
Adam Wardle- Guitar

Band Info: