BELOW 7 - Crashing Down (Album)



From Tennesee, BELOW 7 consists a bunch of friends who got together with a shared love of good, down and dirty rock n roll. The band reformed in 2016 and have just released their album 'Crashing Down' via Pavement Records. A fierce, gritty vocal with grungy and bluesy melody laced with raw metal , their sound is at once different and familiar, deep vocals fuelled by a powerful rhythm section and badass guitar work. I feel like I've found Utopia but that I actually kind of knew what it would sound like (make sense? No, me neither lol).

The opening track 'Freight Train Coming' not only describes the ride you're about to take but also starts the journey with a wickedly catchy, driving beat which pumps life into your veins with monster riffs and a dirty, soulful vocal that is as deep as can be, delivered from Hell itself by the Devil's choirmaster.

'Miss Misery' is a standout track for me - high octane, punchy and with an inventive conversational vocal which simply blows my mind. 'Church of Prophecy' is a little heavier and edgier, again with the compelling, urging beat, but with an even deeper vocal #newvocalcrush.

Bad language spoiler for 'FU&YM2' - this is a track I want to sing to at least 3 people right now for different reasons. It is angry but fun with pounding drums and grimy guitars. 'Crashing Down' is another favourite for me; with a funky and atmospheric intro, this is dark and moody with stunningly masculine harmonies, intense but not depressive, and certainly one for the repeat button.

'Whiskey Baby' ramps the energy back up to 11 and the booming bass really stands out in this track for me. 'Millennial' is one to get you moving. It’s catchy as f*ck and the final minute will be phenomenal live - "come on, come on, come on now".

This is definitely one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. All killer, no filler and raw, deliciously-filthy rock performed by a band tighter than Mick Jagger's jeans. All musicians work together in creating a compelling and energetic sound, all instruments beautifully uniting with a cavernous vocal to melt your face off. Please bring these guys to the UK!

If I were asked to score this album on merit it would be a 9, but on my particular taste it would be 11!


Freight Train Coming
Miss Misery
Church of Prophecy
It Follows
Crashing Down
Whiskey Baby


Jarrod - Vocals
Lanc - Bass
Todd - Guitar
Eric - Drums
Scotty - Rhythm