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‘Aged in Oak’ is the second EP from SONS OF LIBERTY following on from ‘Shinola’ released earlier this year and cements their standing as southern rockers with a flair to capture the spirit of the genre. This selection of self-penned songs displays all the hallmarks of classic southern rock, evidently influenced by the like of the ‘Allmans’ and ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’, but delivered with their own unique style.   

Opening with ‘If It Ain’t Southern’ this song pays homage to the Southern culture and sets the scene for this six track journey South. A pounding riff provides a compelling back drop to a good night out and would be a fitting opening number to any live set. ‘Dixie Whiskey’ for me the best song on the album and features rasping vocals, infectious guitar, a driving beat and a chorus that invites participation from live audiences. Referencing ‘Jack Daniels’, ‘Knob Creek’ and ‘Triple Smoke’, this number will also meet the approval of the marketing arm of deep South distilleries. 

The band slows down for ‘My Sister’ as they deliver the heart wrenching lament to a departed sibling. Scintillating southern guitar and vocals make this another album highlight. ‘That’s who I am’ is a finely crafted song that tells the story of a man about to be hanged “all because of a dirty lie” protesting his innocence with anger and features excellent slide guitar giving way to sympathetic harmonica and spoken lyric.

The final song ‘Moving On’ depicts a train journey out of a town to another life of driving Cadillacs and robbing banks. Featuring the line “when the devil looks me in the eye gonna tell that son of a bitch it ain’t my turn to die” followed by another compelling guitar break leaving the listener wishing this was a full album with more tracks to follow.

This is a superb collection of songs from a band who know their craft and understand what makes for solid southern rock and deliver it with bourbon drenched authenticity. 

Tracks :-
If It Ain’t Southern 
Damned if You Do
Dixie Whiskey
My Sister
That’s Who I Am
Moving On 
Sons of Liberty are :-
Rob Cooksley Vocals
Fred Hale Guitars
Andy Muse Guitars 
Mark Thomas Bass
Steve Byrne Drums

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