DEEVER - You Need This (Album)



‘You Need This’, the debut album from hard rockers DEEVER is set for release on 1st February 2019. Preceded by singles ‘Fire At Will’, ‘All Come Running’, ‘Alright’, and new single ‘Only Enemy’, the majority of the album was produced at the band’s own North Red Studios in Darlington, with the remainder being recorded and engineered at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios by Tony Draper.

Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor (vocals/guitar), Stevie ‘Twister’ Stoker (guitar/backing vocals), Phil Appleton (bass) and Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins (drums) have been together since March 2017 and have certainly made an impact thus far, most recently landing in the Top 20 Bands of The Year on Guy Bellamy’s Great Music Stories radio show on Meridian FM, a brilliant result for a band yet to release their debut album. DEEVER have also played some fantastic live shows including Planet Rock’s Winter’s End 2018 and Communion of Rock 2018. Just as we were getting our teeth stuck into the album, we also got the chance to chat to Billy to find out the meanings behind the songs.

Debut single ‘Fire At Will’, with it’s gritty, heavy riffs, thundering drums, booming bass and engaging vocals is first up. Written from a place of reflection about situations Billy had dealt with in the past and seeing how other’s attitudes and actions can affect other people, it’s a full-on assault on the ears and it’s captivating hook gets well and truly into your brain. You’ll be banging your head and singing along before the shredding solo at the bridge has even taken hold. This blistering single sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Despite starting life as a piano based song that Phil initiated, ‘All Come Running’ is a song full of tension with thwacking drums and resonating bass driving the song forward. There’s a fantastic atmospheric bridge with a killer riff, and soaring, melodious, sing-a-long vocals. Lyrically it’s a song about looking at situations or battles from both sides. Learning that sometimes a fight is just two people scared of the same thing, but both thinking they’re right

The winning combination of in-yer-face melting riffs from the twin guitars of Stevie and Billy and radio friendly, accessible melody of ‘Alright’ make for a punchy, swaggering track. It’s full of swagger with a sing-a-long chorus to get your teeth into. Says Billy, “This is a song about coming out of a bad situation or relationship, and despite that feeling of the world ending, knowing you’ll be ok!”.

‘Not Back Down’ begins with a wonderfully emotive vocal which highlights the beautiful tones in Billy’s voice. This gives way to grungy flowing riffs that set the tone for the rest of the song that is about not being appreciated and eventually being let down. It’s a fight song about not letting any of that stop you getting where you want! Higgy’s thundering beats and drum fills and Phil’s booming bass notes are a dynamic combination that make their presence known on this track too. 

The band’s punk influences make themselves known on ‘Waves’, which is a dramatic song about being in a relationship that’s constantly up and down, the push and pull of other people’s words and actions, knowing you should leave but always having that urge to stay! It’s full of aggressive riffs and heavy bangin’ bass, interspersed with sing-a-long parts which lighten it up just a touch, dramatising the highs and lows of the relationship.

‘Parachute’ highlights the subtle tones in Billy’s vocal and has a gorgeous haunting melody with delicate guitar licks. It’s a song full of light and shade, louder parts with thrashing drums, resonating bass and frenetic guitars and gravelly vocals. It’s fierce but tender in equal measures, and was written about the final days of a relationship breaking down. Billy pulled inspiration from past experiences, together with experiences from others to pen this beautifully dramatic and heartfelt sing that gave me serious goosebumps.  

‘Only Enemy’ is DEEVER’s new single, and the lyrics take a harsh look at our reliance on social media and the constant need for the perfect image and validation from others, in sharp contrast to many people’s dwindling self-worth. The first line sets the tone for the rest of the song, and the fierce riffage and jarring vocals further accent the meaning; “Filter the truth, design a you and hope you satisfy them all. Notification generation now, we’re unbelievable”. It’s a message that will surely hit home for many.

The chugging bass and deftly-produced drumming in ‘We Are’ clearly show what a powerhouse rhythm section Higgy and Phil make. With Billy and Stevie’s soaring guitar riffs layered over the top, the instrumental on this alone is impressive, but the vocals make it anthemic. This is one for getting those fists in the air and heads banging at a live show. Lyrically, it’s the story of the battle between needing something, a vice that you know is harmful such as alcohol, drugs or anything else, and wanting to get better. 

Not all the songs on the album were written from personal experience, but Billy wrote ‘Jim’ the night he got back from saying goodbye to his Grandad for the last time, so it’s a deeply personal track and he sings it with such raw emotion. The whole song feels like an unburdening of pent up feelings, the guitars sound like they’re tightly wound and letting go and the pounding of the drums feels like getting rid of deeply held emotions. Of the song, Billy says, “When I left I just said ‘see you later’ and then felt like an idiot cos I definitely wasn’t going to see him later. That drive home gave me a lot to think about, and I ended up writing the lyrics to ‘Jim’ as soon as I got home. It’s the first time I’ve written a song by doing the lyrics first with no music. It then became an acoustic song and later transformed into the song it is now! It’s my favourite guitar solo on the album too!” 

‘I Am The Cavalry’, says Billy, “is a proper fight song about doing everything you can to make things right for those who need help, and getting them to a place where they can do the same. Using what you have against something that’s underestimated what you’re capable of”. The song features military style drumming at the beginning along with staccato notes; it has an invigorating chorus and is designed to get you up on your feet and moving. With a swaggering beat and rising riffs, it’s the perfect track to round the album off in style.

Packing a wonderfully captivating and distinctly British punch, Billy’s distinctive vocal breathes life into these engaging songs. Each one takes the listener on a melodious journey packed to the brim with gloriously melodious and aggressive riffs, big crunchy walls of guitars, throbbing bass lines and galloping drums that threaten to pick you up and fling you about the room. This is a corker of an album from a wonderfully cohesive band that is sure to be going places! 

‘You Need This’ track listing:-
Fire At Will
All Come Running
Not Back Down
Only Enemy
We Are
I Am The Cavalry