COLLATERAL - 4 Shots! (EP)

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COLLATERAL are vocalist Angelo Tristan, drummer Ben Atkinson, bassist Jack Bentley-Smith and guitarist Todd Winger. Despite their smouldering, sultry, bad boy look, emotion and melodic harmonies are crammed into their debut 4-track EP, ‘4 Shots’, recently released via Roulette Media Records.

‘Going With The Wind’ is a fab opener which shows a warmth and sexiness to the vocals, and melodies that seep into you brain and soul. FFO 90s classic stadium rock, like Whitesnake and Bon Jovi, this uplifting song grabs you from the first note.

‘Angels Crying’ has slide guitar, more harmonies and catchy riffs, an emotional love song which sounds like these guys are seasoned pros, mixing in a little acoustic guitar.
‘Waiting For You’ is my favourite track on the EP; a killer song full of lush guitar work, a stunning solo and impressive plucking and fretwork, which is just made for the live show. Their sound is anthemic and belies the fact that this is their debut recording. It’s comfortingly familiar yet new and fresh, and makes me want more.

The current single ‘Midnight Queen’ is a little faster paced with a slight American country feel to it, driven by a resounding rhythm section. This track is the most light-hearted on the EP, a touch of chat throughout, and still with those addictive hooks.

I’m so impressed with this first offering of just 4 tracks and I feel pretty sure this band will go a long way. They are pure talent and have an unrivalled stadium rock appeal. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for a pro band from the US but they are a relatively new band from Kent. I can’t wait to see how they develop and grow with a few live shows of the EP and new music.
Going With The Wind
Midnight Queen
Angels Crying
Just Waiting For You
Angelo Tristan – Guitar/Vox
Todd Winger – Guitar
Jack Bentley Smith – Bass
Ben Atkinson – Drums