SLIPPER FACE - Low Noise (Album)



On reviewing the single, ‘True Romance', I stated that the SLIPPERFACE single was "one of the most interesting new tracks from a new band I've heard in a while". On hearing their new album, 'Low Noise', I do not disagree with myself. Of course, I was right.

This emerging indie-grunge band from the North West have a distinctive melancholic experimental sound throwing together some 90s indie inspired tracks filtered with a little punk and some electronic wizardry.  'True Romance' remains my favourite track by the band and is a radio-friendly, bass-heavy, brooding track which is stuck in my brain.

I can hear a little Nirvana influence in the "Yeah"s of 'Wednesday', with a repetitive riff that gets your head nodding and a passionate injection of guitar, which doesn’t often feature prominently in their sound.

'Talking Too Fast' is where I get the 90s indie club vibe and am transported back to the Liverpool of my youth. This track is addictive. Another favourite of mine on the album though is 'Disco Amplifier' which surprises me with a heavy psychedelic edge.

Other standouts include 'Welcome to the Cold' with tortured vocals, pounding drum and some lush punkish screaming, and 'Bruised Fruit' - an angry track which I adore with great lyrics like "dressed like a hooker, face like a dog". The short 'Substation Hum' will seep into your brain though with its wailing vocals and tapping background noise, whether you like it or not.

This is a great album from a refreshing alt-rock band with some great foundations to build on for a lengthy career in the business. If you love grunge, indie and alt-rock, check out SLIPPERFACE.

Link to the review of True Romance:

Slipperface are:

Andy Ryder - Bass

“Spike Lunch” - Vocals/guitar

Ross Greenslade - Drums