THE BURNING CURTAINS - Fountains (Single)



THE BURNING CURTAINS, who describe themselves as “Manchester’s most whispered about Indie band”, rocketed onto the airwaves on 5th November with the release of their debut single, ‘Fountains’, and in so doing drenched the City in a post-Punk explosion that casually reaffirmed Manchester’s credentials as the undisputed epicentre of the UK’s alternative music scene.

TBC aren’t trying to recapture the jangly, swaggering psychedelia of the late ‘80s / early ‘90s MADchester sound - their vibe is darker and more understated than that. The raw, industrial offering that TBC have produced is unmistakably British in character and is infused with an intoxicatingly stark, gothic vocal, which restrains itself from becoming overly gritty or bleak. A punchy melody interlaces with a pulsating, staccato rhythm and honest lyricism, radiating a style indicative of Manchester’s post-punk era that’s taken its cue from bands such as Joy Division, imbibing the unpretentious spirit of legendary Northern Indie.

TBC was initially formed in 2014 by vocalist and guitarist Stuart Campbell, together with drummer Brian Hoyle. In 2018, Campbell continues as the only remaining member of TBC and is forging ahead as a dexterous one-man band. ‘Fountains’ is a blazing opening statement that provides a cogent blueprint for the kind of music TBC wants to create. The track’s three verses were written and arranged as a classic composition with a back-to-basics approach that intrinsically complements this musical style. ‘Fountains’ was self-produced in Campbell’s dining room, which adds an extra element of intimacy and authenticity to the track.

TBC are set to drop a 3-track EP entitled Phoenix Sessions (named after their former studio in Heywood, Lancashire) at the end of the year, featuring the tracks ‘Punk’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Hypertension’, which were recorded with Hoyle. The EP will be made available on 7-inch vinyl as a limited edition run of 100 copies. TBC plans to release their debut album next April to coincide with live performances throughout the UK and Europe, starting with the Bacup JamFest on 6th April 2019. 

‘Fountains’ was released on TBC’s own label Where Egos Dare Music and distributed through Warner Music. The single is available digitally on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Tidal and Google Play. 

You can watch the music video on the band’s YouTube channel: 

The Burning Curtains is:

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