SUPERSEED may sound like something you’d find in a garden centre, but in fact it’s the name of a Bristol-based melodic Hard Rock quintet, who released their supersized self-titled debut album on 31st July, 2018.

The 16-track record boasts an assortment of Hard, Classic, Punk, Stoner, Grunge, Pop and Garage Rock influences, opening with ‘My Time Is Now’, which delivers a solid slab of Hard Rock, grabbing your attention the moment the drumbeat kicks in. About halfway into the song there’s a break which signals a complete change in tempo and melody, until the brisk, heavy rhythm starts up once again, driving the impressive track - which is about finding a way to pull yourself out of depression and anxiety - to a face melting finish.

‘Country Mile’, ‘Turn The Screw’ and ‘Messenger’ all exude a poppy yet feisty Punk n’ Roll vibe, while ‘Interference’ quite literally starts with the noise of electrical interference, which fooled me on the first couple of plays (don’t check your gadgets folks, this is how it’s supposed to sound)! We’re back in Hard Rock territory with a groove-laden melody and loud guitars providing crunchy riffage to pump your fist to. The track is about our addiction to modern technology, mobile phones and social media and how this can impact so negatively on our mental wellbeing.

‘The Face That Followed You Back Home’ is structured around a powerful drumbeat, a catchy riff and an intense vocal, making it really stand out in the middle of the record, while ‘Static’ is introduced via an awesome Hard Rock riff, but melts into a steady, Stoner Rock-style song that incorporates strong vocals and harmonies to match the crushing guitars and sharp drumming, making it one of my favourite tracks on the album.

‘No One’s Getting Out Of Here Alive’, which is about seizing the moment and trying to do more of the things in life that make you happy, adds an upbeat Pop-Rock element to an album that’s full of surprises, while ‘Heavy Times’ is a Grunge-infused offering with distorted vocals that metamorphoses as it unfolds, culminating in an earworm of a chorus that repeats until it eventually fades out.

One of the catchiest tracks on the album has to be ‘Let Yourself Go’. The melodic, guitar-centred BritPop soundscape is given a classic ‘70s twist, having been overlaid with feel-good harmonies, which pull the whole composition together. ‘Quicksand’ supplies the record with a loud, anthemic wall of sound while the band’s Pop Rock credentials are laid out once more in ‘Already Done’ – a song that was written about relationships where you can’t live with or without one another. The female vocal provided by Lauren Whale coalesces perfectly with this foot-tappingly hooky, memorable tune - the repetitive chorus plants itself firmly in your head, refusing to leave.

‘Someone Broke It’ reminds me in places of the Foo Fighters – this is a well-composed straight-up Hard Rock track that includes some very tasty guitar work and is sure to get you moving. The Government comes under scrutiny in the gritty ‘You Failed!’, which is an unsparing critique of the current state of the NHS… Meanwhile, final track, ‘This Is The Way To Go’, is a call to arms for musicians and bands not to get bogged down with chasing the dream or becoming famous – the message is to try to enjoy what you’re doing and just have fun with it! The uplifting closer caps off an epic initial opus, that makes a supersonic statement about Superseed’s musical identity and dexterity.

Track Listing:

My Time Is Now 

Country Mile 

Turn The Screw 



The Face That Followed You Back Home 


No One’s Getting Out Of Here Alive 

Heavy Times

Let Yourself Go 


Already Done 

Someone Broke It 

You Failed! 

Uneasy Swarm 

This Is The Way To Go

Superseed are:

David Edgar - Guitar/Vocals

Dan Armson - Guitar/Vocals 

Ben Taylor - Guitar/Vocals

Keith Bowers - Bass

Matt Colley - Drums