WOLF JAW - I Lose My Mind (Single)


The Bad Flowers had fantastic success in 2018 with the launch of their first album, ‘Starting Gun’ and with a change of name to WOLF JAW, I half expected the band to have somehow changed their sound.  Well they have to a degree, it’s stronger, heavier and more evolved.

First listen and I just wanted to hear it again.  A track full of dirty riffs, a stonking, funky, low bass-line from Dale Tonks and some serious skin thrashing from Karl Selickis assault the eardrums, whilst the clarity of Tom Leighton’s vocal means that the lyrics are embedded in your brain from the get-go.

You almost descend into the track along with the music, opening with punchy drums, drawing you into the riffs, the way the music spirals you into the feel of losing your mind is very clever.  Pauses and pace changes, Leighton’s vocal becoming more emotional as the track progresses, the riffs becoming angrier, the whole thing is just awesome.

I’m excited for these guys and I cannot wait for more!