LAST ALIBI - Last Alibi (EP)



LAST ALIBI is a hard rock band made up of Jamie Ramage (vocals), Andy Christie (guitar), Allen Bell (bass, backing vocals) and Callum Flint (drums) that cite Aerosmith, Whitesnake, The Quireboys and Mötley Crüe among their influences. Jamie and Andy first met in 2012 around the live music circuit in Glasgow, becoming firm friends as they starting songwriting together. A year later, Andy’s friend Callum joined them on drums and the search was then on for the right bassist to complete the line-up. Eventually, Allen was recruited and LAST ALIBI was born. The band have played live shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh and have also supported Stone Broken, Chris Glen, Massive and Chris Holmes (WASP) in addition to headlining Shock City’s Newblood II at Hard Rock Cafe.

The band’s debut eponymous four-track EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Miller at Gargleblast Studios in Hamilton and was released digitally on 15th December 2018 with a limited edition CD edition being available next month. The video for ‘Generation Dead’ (from this EP) should be available shortly.

First track ‘Angel Instincts’ instantly brings to mind years gone by when I used to head out to regular rock nights in my late teens and early twenties. The percussion intro leading to jangling guitar and sliding riffs is so reminiscent of that time, which is only further reinforced when Jamie’s gruff and throaty vocal starts up. The repeating chorus will get its hooks into you in no time at all, and you’ll be humming it before the song is out.

Next up is ‘Vice City’, which was released as the band’s debut single in 2018. It’s a hooky, melodious song with hard-hitting drums, grinding bass lines and rising riffs from Andy. It’s easy to see why it was picked as the first single, as it is one of those songs that works its way into your brain, where it sits, not so gently reminding you of its place there with startling regularity. 

‘Prophet and the Thief’ has an atmospheric edge with Jamie’s vocal sounding more emotive. It’s a song of highs and lows, with the softer notes bringing out the more gentle, tender tones in his voice, the louder points where you can hear that raspiness. The guitar work is beautifully engaging, all gorgeous flowing riffs, brought together by the solid rhythm section of Allen’s subdued bass and Callum’s punchy drumming. 

Final song ‘Generation Dead’ is an invigorating meld of thumping drums, driving bass, bracing licks and fierce riffs from Andy and snarly vocals from Jamie. It’s the perfect song to close the EP. I’ve not had chance to see LAST ALIBI live yet, but I bet this frenetic and anthemic tune gets those fists in the air!

LAST ALIBI have produced a debut EP comprising four tracks that are catchy and melodic, with individual songs are all different enough to showcase their talent and potential. The band have been catching people’s attention on the live scene in Scotland, and hopefully now the rest of the country will get to hear about them too.  

See Last Alibi live here:-
16/03/19 - Beat Generator, Dundee (with MacTallica)