MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS - Black Diamonds (Single)

Matt Mitchell.jpg


MATT MITCHELL, formerly of PRIDE, FURYON and most recently COLOUR OF NOISE has recently spent time recording his debut solo album, from which the first single, ‘Black Diamonds’, will be released on 25th January 2019. Although this is a solo project, Matt will be working with guest players, so the project is entitled MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS, and the forthcoming album, recorded at the iconic Rockfield Studios in Wales last year, is self-titled. 

‘Black Diamonds’ opens with a dirty riff that gives way to pounding staccato drums and as a Hammond organ joins the party, Matt’s unmistakable voice kicks in. Understated at first, the melodic vocal is accompanied by a chugging bass line and as the chorus is reached with the A Capella line “I hope you find what you’re looking for!”, Matt really opens up those impressive pipes of his and lets rip! That sleazy ear worm of a riff appears again and again as the song makes its way to the awesome bridge, every instrument working in perfect harmony, with Matt’s vocal layered over the top like the silkiest chocolate ganache on the yummiest cake.

‘Black Diamonds’ is a catchy, soulful song with a cool classic rock vibe. Whilst giving a nod to the sounds of years gone by, it still manages to sound incredibly fresh. It’s one for playing loud and has me excited for the rest of the album!