FOX COMPANY - Hot Trash (EP)

Hot Trash.jpg


Aussie rockers FOX COMPANY released their debut EP in December and let me tell you it's all killer no filler, unapologetic, high energy rock to be reckoned with. 'HOT TRASH' is 6 tracks over just under 20 minutes which will wake you up from your slumber of same-old manufactured music and make you literally sit up and listen. I genuinely cannot pick a favourite or stand out track on the EP, it's that good throughout, featuring dirty riffs and swaggering sexy vocals, leading the listener to catchy choruses which really penetrate the brain.


'Electrifying' is fun and energetic with  hints of acknowledgement to retro rock n roll but a great, fresh contemporary sound and some spectacular guitar solo work, themes which are recurrent throughout the EP. 'Euro Cake', once listened to, you won't forget its killer hook, funky groove and pounding drums which would make a live crowd go wild jumping up and down.


From hereon in we get a touch bluesy and Bad Touch fans would seriously love the next few tracks, as indeed will anybody who enjoys listening to talented musicians and great vocals. The whole of my body wants to move to 'All In' and the vocals are sexy as! The chugging of the guitar, and the drums section which makes me leap up to clap and stomp along, stand out for me in 'Every Little Thing'. And 'Higher' is real bluesy, building excitement to an ebullient chorus, a real anthem with fans I'm sure. Again there is a huge solo and some great-sounding vocals.


The EP closes with 'I'll Get By' which is no nonsense, straightforward rock n roll, a big sound with influences from more classic rock of the 80s era. The whole EP rendered me quite speechless, I love it and am ordering it as soon as I get paid. I really hope these guys make it across for some live shows but in the meantime, add them to your playlist as this EP is ablaze with captivating instrumentals and husky vocals which will get you hooked. Full marks from me, guys. I look forward to what comes next.


Fox Company are:

Cal- Vocals and Guitar

Blake- Lead Guitar

Ben- Drums

Paul- Bass

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