LESTWEFORGET – Zero Won (Single)



LESTWEFORGET is a four-piece heavy metal/hardcore/progressive metal band from Oxford: JH Norris on lead vocals and bass; Harry Lingard-Bright on lead guitar; Paul Heavey on guitar and vocals and Dec Doran on drums. A young band that has sold out the 02 Academy 2 in Oxford, and performed at prestigious live venues across the country, including The Fleece in Bristol, they are clearly a band to watch.

‘Zero Won’ is a song that gets straight into it, no messing about, hell bent on making sure you don’t skip it and I was hooked within the first few chords– and I felt the same every time I played it and so you will you.


‘Zero Won’ is the bands third single, released on the 5th of January, preceded by ‘Sweet Serenity’. It’s melodic, heavy and you can sing to it at the top of your lungs and I’m already imagining how it would sound live. Norris’ controlled vocals have an amazing range and takes you on a journey from haunting soaring melody to doom and back, a clear indicator of their self-proclaimed juxtaposition of progressive and traditional heavy metal as we know and love it. FYI, Norris is also classically trained so no surprises there and his range and control means we are in for a treat every time he sings. 

The riffs are definitely progressive, interspersed with traditional anthem metal styles, while their drummer Dec is simply expert in his mastery of his kit, complimenting the bass to make sure ‘Zero Won’ is a proper heavy power anthem, with lyrics that will make you think because they actually make sense. To an extent, it’s difficult to describe given how it soars, then thunders down into low pitched heavier sounds appropriate to describing a dystopian world – a juxtaposition indeed.

If you are playing ‘Zero Won’ in the car, be careful of the accelerator because this song will get your adrenaline pumping.But whatever you do, play it loud. Every time. 

You can get ‘Zero Won’ here: https://www.lestweforgetband.co.uk/music

LESTWEFORGET return to the 02 Academy, Oxford, as headliners in February 2019, alongside CYPHER16