THE HU - Wolf Totem (Single)



*checks genre* Mongolian Throat Singing Doom Metal….

No, that’s not a figment of my imagination, this is as real as it gets. The four-piece band are called THE HU, and yes you’ve guessed it, they are from Mongolia. If you aren’t one of 3.6million people that have seen their recently launched video for ‘Wolf Totem’, you haven’t heard anything like this before. FYI, their first single, ‘Yuev Yuev Yu’ has over six million views in three months – more than the population of Mongolia.  

Close your eyes and just listen, it sounds deep and dark even though you won’t have a clue what they are saying. You won’t know that there are only three instruments, made up of the coolest two-stringed horse head fiddles and a Mongolian guitar. You won’t know that the deep bass sound comes from their singing. You won’t know that the videos are shot on the most amazing landscape that really showcases their country – complete with Harley Davidson’s instead of horses, lots of guys in leather, wearing skull rings and the amazing Mongolian curled toe boots. Watch the video for the subtitles and you will discover that they will essentially obliterate anyone who comes charging in on elephants (remind you of anyone?), falcons or wielding swords.


Their sound combines their heritage and uniqueness, traditional instruments and an attitude that hits you with every thump of that bow string. You may not be able to sing along (if you can, send in a video as evidence!) but your head will be shaking and you may discover humming again.

Is it actually doom metal or is it trad rock that seems like doom metal because of the throat singing - in fact, who cares? It’s hypnotic, addictive and you won’t question it once you have heard it. Or when you have heard it 50 times because you will put this on repeat and I guarantee it. 

Right guys, I’m off to book flights to Mongolia and maybe I will be The Hu’s first Irish groupie.

Watch the video for ‘Wolf Totem’ here

The Hu Band

Gala- Lead throat singer, Morin Khuur

Enkhush- Lead Morin Khuur, Throat singer

Jaya- Aman Khuur, Tsuur, Throat singer